5 Tips To Get The Perfect Food Photos For Instagram At The Dining Table

     With a simple scroll on Instagram, you will notice that the most shared pictures are selfies, sunsets and food. Why food, you may ask. Well, experts say that it's because eating is one of society’s most essential communal activities, and sharing food photos virtually is the next best thing to eating together. Now'days a meal is not just about the food, it's also about snapping a mouthwatering photo and making sure that your meal looks as appetising online as it is in real life.
     Since Christmas is just around the corner and I'm pretty sure you want to share some yummy photos with your friends, I've put together a list of 5 tips that will help you take some food snaps to die for.
1. Determine if the subject is photo worthy.
      There are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before you decide to compose an image. Like, what are you focusing on? Or what do you want to show with that picture, what is its story. Having these things clear in mind will make things easier in finding the perfect angle to snap the picture, the right background and composition.
2. Use the phone camera 
       I know it might be easier for you to snap a picture directly with Instagram, but don't do it! Pictures that are taken with your phone camera, or even with your DSLR have a much better quality than the ones made with the Instagram app and we're all aiming for quality, right?
3. Choose the right background.
      Having the perfect background in a food picture is everything! The most used table tops for food pictures are white, marbled or made out of wood. A dish with vibrant colours will go perfectly with a simple white or marble table top, while a food that has less colour will go better on a wooden one. You can add small details on the table, to make the picture look better, just be careful not to overcrowd everything. For more details on what table tops you can use in order to get perfect Instagram photos, you can check out the Furniture Market and this article.
4. Lighting is very important.
      Two words: natural light. This is the key to success for a perfect picture. No flash or background light can enhance the beauty of a picture more than natural light. So, if you're eating out, ask a table by the window in order to take good pictures and if you are home, take your pictures in a room that gets plenty of light, or next to a window.
5. Editing your picture.
     If you followed all the tips from above, you won't need to do much editing. I usually brighten them up a little and use a more contrast, but besides that I don't add any other filters. If you prefer to add some filters, use an app that won't change the quality of the photo. I prefer to use VSCO cam instead of the filters available on Instagram. I have a bigger variety of filters to choose from and the quality of the picture stays the same.
   What are your tips in order to get that perfect Instagram food picture?

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