How Underfloor Heating Can Help You Sleep at Night

       If you having trouble dropping off and sleeping well, you may need to consider getting a new heating system in your home because the temperature has a lot to do with dropping off and getting a restful night’s sleep.

1. A comfortable heat in the bedroom
Frankly, if your bedroom is too hot and stuffy, it is not comfortable and sets you off tossing and turning for hours. According to science, the optimum bedroom temperature to promote a good night’s sleep should be a pleasant 20°c. However, depending on your bedding, this could still be too warm.
   In other words, you need to be able to control the heat in your temperature, turning it down or up as and when you need it.
   Fortunately, underfloor heating kits come with a programmable thermostat that means you can precisely set the temperature in your bedroom so that when you climb the wooden stairs to Bedfordshire, as the childhood saying goes, your bedroom with be at the right level of warmth that you want.
Invest in a super-smart thermostat, you have even more control of your bedroom temperature. Out on a cold night, then turn up the heat by a degree or two without making your bedroom too stuffy, all from a few taps via the app loaded on your smartphone.
Or, if you are enjoying a long soak in the bath, you may want the temperature a few degrees lower – and yes, you’ve guessed it, tell the app that you want the bedroom cooler by a few degrees but you want the bathroom zone of the underfloor heating system a notch or two higher.

2. Healthier sleeping environment
Do you find yourself snuffly when you go to bed? Do you sneeze or cough? This could be the movement of dust and dust mites in your bedroom, caused by surging heat from the radiator close to your bed.
This is because radiators and underfloor heating are examples of two different kinds of heat;
 - Convection heat – this is when the air in a room is heated. Radiator act in this way. They heat the air in the room which rises and as it cools, drops back down again. It is then reheated by the radiator. This circular process happens for as long as you heating is switched on. By moving the air, microscopic dust mites are swirled around the room, being picked up and then falling toward the floor. Hence, you sniff and cough, preventing you from getting to sleep.
 - Radiated heat – this is when objects in the room are heated. Underfloor heating is a kind of radiated heat. The warm water circulating in the pipes beneath your floor heats the pipe, then the floor which in turn, heats object in your room (including you). There are no cold spot and the heat is evenly spread across the entire floor area. More importantly, it doesn’t move the air, so no swirling dust mites around your head.

Warm feet 
People all over the UK will testify to this although the scientific explanation is lacking. Trying to get to sleep with cold feet is impossible.
As well as investing in several pairs of fluffy socks, underfloor heating is perfect for stopping this cold-feet problem in its tracks. You walk around on lovely warm floors and your feet are fantastically war, before bed. So, no need to blame cold feet as the reason why you cannot nod off!

Save money
There are all kinds of things that will play on your mind, and money could be one of them. Stretching your budget so that it pays all the bills and leaves you with some spending money is a constant source of worry. You may lie awake at night wondering where and how you could possibly save money.
And the energy bill has arrived and with the onset of winter, the heat is on full blast and your bill has rocketed. The time has come to think long term and invest in a heating system, along with top quality insulation, that will keep your home warm and cosy but without the big bill to match.
Is underfloor heating the solution to your poor sleeping habits?
It could be! Providing gentle, pleasant warmth, your bedroom will have the ideal conditions for a great night’s sleep.

Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies believe that underfloor heating ticks more boxes than just being pleasant and cheap to run. Find out more about kits and components from a leading UK supplier.

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