Stocking Fillers Ideas For The Whole Family

       As a mum, one of my favourite Christmas activity is to stuff my kids stocking with all kinds of little presents that I know will bring a smile on their little faces. I love to look around for gifts that suit their personalities and interests and I literally can't wait to see their excitement when they open their gifts. Of course, I feel the same joy when I buy little presents for the rest of my family, Christmas is really the most wonderful time of the year, isn't it?
    With only 11 days until Christmas, I'd put together a 10 stocking fillers ideas to help you find something for your loved ones without breaking the bank. Enjoy!

Books - I don't know about you, but we sure love books in our family. I usually buy a book for each member of our family, starting with our 2 girls, of course. I don't think you can ever go wrong with books. For children you can go for bedtime stories books, or adventure books if they are older, you have a lot of options and with prices starting from £2, you really can't go wrong. 
Craft Supplies - Children love this type of gifts. They can never have too many coloured pens or markers, that's for sure. Colouring books are another good idea and not only for children but for adults too. 
Puzzles - These would make perfect gifts for children all ages. The wooden puzzles are perfect for toddlers as they enhance child development and they are an incredible learning tool. 

Fashion accessories - Who doesn't love a nice pair of cosy socks? You can also choose a pair of gloves, that are always handy in winter months or a sweet angel key chain. Keep in mind that the gifts that you want to buy don't need to be expensive, they need to be fun and to show the people that you're offering them to that you care. 

Home accessories - Perfect gift for your friends or even to yourself. A nicely decorated mug, a scented candle, a cosy blanket, the sky is the limit when it comes to this section. Always keep in mind the personal preferences of each person that you buy a gift for. That way you will know for sure that your gift will be appreciated. The Works Christmas Shop has a wide range of home accessories at very good prices that you can choose from. 

Sweets - I haven't met anyone that doesn't like sweets. A nice bag of candy, or some homemade cookies will always make a lovely and yummy gift. 
    These are just a few ideas to help you get inspired for this Christmas. 
     Tell me, what are your stocking fillers ideas?

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