essence Color&Care Strengthening Nail Polish Swatches & Review

  Hello my lovely friends!
      As you may have seen by now, essence came with a lot of new products this spring. I don't think I was so excited for a new collection, as I am for this one. I have a lot of products (80% of their new range) on my wishlist and I hope I will be able to have them all in a short time.
     The first products that I bought from the new line are (surprise, surprise ) 5 gorgeous nail polishes from the Color & Care range. If you are curious of my opinion and if you want to see swatches, read on!

Five Ways To Add Colour To Your Outfit

Black is having a big moment in the fashion world right now. But that doesn’t mean you should completely shirk all colour from your wardrobe. We often fall back on black because it is easy to wear, and a very practical colour. Even though black clothes may be very wearable, I still prefer a big splash of colour in my outfit!
Not sure how to wear bold colours? It’s a lot easier than you might think. Sometimes, it just involves wearing a very bright accessory! Here are my five favourite ways to add colour to my outfit.


Super Fashion Options For The Winter Season

If your winter is set to be super cold this year, then you need to wrap up warm in the best winter fashion essentials you can find. Winter certainly doesn’t need to be boring, drab or colorless. Layering and outerwear ensure you can change your look as often as you need to. 
Here are my favorite fashion items essential for a cold season:

Ziaja Aloe Face Toner Review

Hello my lovely friends!
    I thought it would be a nice idea to start the week in a fresh note and that's why I decided to tell you a few words about one of my favorite toners at the moment, the Aloe Face Toner from Ziaja.

KIKO Cosmetics Haul

  Hello my lovely friends!
     Tell me, what do you do when your husband sends you a picture of a Kiko store? I'll tell you what I did. I texted him ASAP my wishlist and then counted every single second until he came home with the goodies :)
    On a more serious note, I saw the amazing offers that Kiko had on their site, but the fact that I have to order for a certain amount plus shipping fees made me doubt if I should place an order or not. Lucky me, I did manage to get all the products that I had on my wishlist, thanks to my hubby and today I will show them to you. Are you ready? Here we go!

One Thing That Turned My New Zealand Trip Into Exciting Adventure
We did not plan to go on a vacation this season, but all of a sudden, we got an invitation from our friends from New Zealand. A day of packing, and we were on board. The flight was pretty long, so I slept for the most time of it. And finally, we were there. It took us two stunning days to explore the Southern Island. Marvelous sceneries, icebergs, yellow-eyed penguins and, of course, magnificent whales.

Latest Empties: Rituals, Max Factor, Yves Rocher, Olaz & more

   Hello my lovely friends!
       It's been a while since my last empties post and since I collected quite a few items in these last 2 months, I thought it won't be such a bad idea to show you what products I finished lately and my short opinion about them. Since I have a lot of products too show you, I think it's best to get started.

Preview: essence Wake Up, Spring! Trend Edition

    Goodbye winter, hello spring! Feel the first rays of the warm sun on your face and enjoy spending time outdoors again. From now on, scarves and hats can remain hidden in the closet as essence welcomes the spring season with the new trend edition “wake up, spring!” from March until April 2016. The pastel colour scheme includes apricot, pink, lilac and mint, and the product design convinces with spring-like floral elements.
    The ultimate spring pieces include a blush with an integrated mirror, a small blush brush with “wake up” lettering on the handle and the tie & dye nail polish sets with a base and two soft jelly shades each for gorgeous colour gradients on the nails. Finally spring… with essence!
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