Why vaping is better than smoking

Infographic created by Electric Tabacconist.

Almost all of us know someone who smokes, a friend, a family member or a work colleague. In fact, nine million British adults still smoke, despite being aware of the dangers. This causes us non-smokers a dilemma. On the one hand, we want to respect the choices that other people make. If they want to smoke, then who are we to tell them not to?


American Haul

Hello my lovelies,
    I don't want to start again with apologies for my absence. I think you all got used by now with that. I'm still struggling to find more time for me and my blog, but dealing with 2 kids everyday is not so pink as the commercials say, let's put it like that. Anyway, today I have a very nice post for you and I hope you will enjoy it!
   Tell me, who doesn't love shopping? I know I do! Now, how many of you drooled over all the goodies that you can find in american stores? They have such a wide variety of products, at such good prices that sometimes I thank God that I don't live there, otherwise I would be bankrupt. My best friend, Elisa, who lives in America, helped me to get my hands on some very nice products that I will show you today. So, if  I made you curious even one bit, read on and see what I bought!

Swatch Monday: Color Club - We'll Never Be Royals

  Hello my lovely friends!
     Guess who's back? Oh, I've missed so much writing on my blog, you have no idea. I don't even remember when I did my last Swatch Monday post, but it's time to leave the past be the past and concentrate on the future.
    To make this comeback more special, I chose a special nail polish from my collection. "We'll never be royals" from Color Club is a gorgeous piece that I absolutely adore! It took a while to get my hands on this baby because it was always sold out (no wonder), but eventually I found it!
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