5 Tips To Create The Perfect Outdoor Living Space

     There are so many things to love about an outdoor living space, whether that means starting your day outside with a cup of coffee, or taking a break from the daily tasks and enjoy some quiet time, or host a party for your friends and family. No matter what you choose, the possibilities are unlimited.
     That is why changing an open air space into a living space adds a totally new dimension to your home and allows you to enjoy better what nature has to offer.
      Summer is still around these days, but since autumn is just around the corner, I thought I would share with you some simple tips that will help you get the most of your outdoor living space without having to worry about the weather.

Walk in bathtub vs walk in shower

   Sometimes, it's amazing to see how much benefit we can get out of small and simple things. Taking a good soak in a hot bath at the end of the day is one of those things that everyone is looking forward to. Taking a hot bath has amazing benefits to our body and state of mind, but for the elderly and for the people with mobility problems, having to take a bath can become quite a nightmare.

5 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Seniors

      Most of the seniors wish to live in their own homes for as long as possible. But, since their homes are not designed to meet their changing needs, it's up to us to make these changes.
     In time, it becomes quite hard for the elderly to use the bathroom effectively and that is why changes need to be made in order to make the bathroom experience safer, easier and more comfortable.
     Luckily, there has been a lot of progress in this area and now many companies offer a wide range of products meant to help the seniors to be more independent in the bathroom.

Love The Sales Wishlist

    With September just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about a new autumn wardrobe. Since my kids don't enjoy, as much as I do, going from store to store to check out the latest bargains, online shopping remains the best solution for me.
     I won't lie, I am a very big fan of online shopping because online you can find a greater variety of products than you can find in the store and it's all from the comfort of your own home. As my husband says, the next word that I love, besides shopping is SALE, but let's be serious, what woman doesn't love it? But hunting down all the good bargains online can be quite a challenge, imagine going from site to site, just hoping that you will find something worth buying. Ladies, those nightmare days are over because I found our salvation. Love the Sales have all the good bargains, all in one place. Isn't that cool? On Love the Sales you really don't have time to get bored, I'm telling you! Once I found the site, I've spent quite some time browsing through all the bargains and let me tell you, it's pure heaven. Here you can find everything, from fashion, to home, electronics, sport and much more.

5 Ways To Get Ready For The Holiday Season

   With September just around the corner, I believe it's safe to say that the holiday season is closer than we think. Sure, you might think that it's still a long way to go until December, but don't get fooled, studies have shown that the less time you have during the holiday season, the more money you will spend just to get things done.
   Holiday season means family and friends getting together and celebrating, but it also means a big hole in your budget, so I've put together some tips that are meant to help you get ready and make the most out of your holidays.

Be Happier, More Confident & More In Love With Yourself

You know those women you see on the street, the ones that walk with a certain swagger and ooze confidence? They know that they look good and because of this, they love themselves. Not in a cocky or arrogant way - they are confident and in love with who they are because they know their value. These are the women who are happy with their lives; they enjoy themselves and don’t sweat the small stuff. They know that they have flaws, like everyone does, but they don’t let them get them down.

Have you always dreamed of being one of those women? Do you lack confidence and self-esteem? Do you wish you could change yourself to look more like someone else? Don’t worry; you’re not alone - we all have flaws that we wish we could change. The truth is, you are who you are, and you need to learn to love yourself for that. If you don’t, you’ll never be truly happy. While you can’t change your body shape, skin tone, or height, what you can do is find ways to love yourself a little more.

To help you do that, here are a few tips, tricks, and ideas. Take these on board and you can give your self-esteem the boost that it needs.



Planning A Family Break To Exmoor With A Little One In Tow

Family breaks are important; they give you and your family some much-needed quality time. However, when you have a little one to think about, traveling abroad isn’t all that simple. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing break, it’s just a case of traveling a little closer to home, that’s all. One of the best places in the UK for a family break has to be South West England because of all it has to offer. A popular family destination in the South West is Exmoor. So today, I’m going to be sharing some tips for planning a fantastic family break to Exmoor.
Exmoor National Park is a beautiful area of hilly moorland located in North Devon and West Somerset. The jewel of this beautiful area is known as Porlock. Located at the foot of Porlock Hill, it has the most amazing views of the Bristol Channel and the rolling moorland of Exmoor National Park. The close proximity of Porlock to Exmoor means that, should you choose to, you can easily walk or cycle there. However, Porlock itself has plenty of amenities and things to see and do, so should you want to spend all your time there, you could do.

Top posture mistakes and how to fix them

 Standing up straight and walking tall have long been advocated by parents to encourage their children to stop slouching, but this advice is not just given to make their kids look more presentable. This advice is sound because good posture is the foundation of good health.

Travel Bucket List - New York

       As I was checking out my Pinterest profile the other day, I couldn't help and notice that more than half of my pins are about New York city. Well, I guess that shouldn't be a surprise because I've been dreaming of a New York trip ever since I was little. I know that might sound strange, I mean why would a ten-year-old dream about a trip to New York, but let me explain better. My mum had an aunt that lived there, so basically I grew up seeing pictures and hearing all kind of stories about the Big Apple. I remember how fascinating it was for me to listen to her stories and all the plans I was making after that. I was constantly daydreaming about New York, hoping that one day that day will come and I will get to see this great city.
     Until that day comes, I plan and I plan because I want everything to be perfect and to enjoy every single second of my staying in the Big Apple. With that being said, I'd thought it will be fun to share with you all the plans that I've made so far and maybe even get some tips from you guys if you already visited New York.

Family Travel and the Advantages of a Holiday Home


When it comes to your family vacation, the accommodation is a big decision. First of all, it can take up a large amount of the budget that you have for the trip. It can affect what you do on the trip, as well as how things go. So it is an important decision to get right. You do have options like camping or staying in a hostel. But for a family, the best options are for hotels or a villa. There seems to be a lot of reasons in favor of choosing the latter. Here are a few of those reasons why it might be best for your family to choose a holiday home over a hotel.

How to choose the right eyewear for your face

   In recent years, eyeglasses have come into their own as iconic fashion accessories. A few decades ago, you would have a limited selection of frames to choose from. These days, you are spoiled for choice by frames of every color, texture, and shape, from the practical to the fun and futuristic.
   However, buying a pair of eyeglasses isn’t just a simple matter of picking any pair off the shelf. You have to select the right frames for your facial shape, eyes, hair color, and personality. Here are a few pointers on choosing frames that work best for your facial shape.

A Luxury Tour from Cannes to Discover the South of France

       As one of the most important cultural, artistic and historical centres in Europe, over the centuries the French Riviera has attracted scores of famous personages from the world of painting, art, and writing, and is a favourite vacation spot for the crème de la crème of high society. The Cote D’Azur remains one of the most wonderful and scenic spots in the world and is definitely an exciting opportunity for a luxury road trip along the Riviera.

5 Tips To Keep Your House Safe While You Are Away

   It's a true fact that a house left empty while its owners are travelling can be a target for burglars. That's why it's very important that you take extra measures to keep your house and belongings safe while you are away.
   Here are some basic tips that you should consider before you decide to go on a holiday.
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