5 Reasons Of Why You Should Pick Bamboo Flooring

      New flooring is an important investment and with so many options available on the market these days, you have to think really well at all the advantages and disadvantages before you take a decision.  Since the floor practically dictates the entire look of the room or house, your decision needs to be based on comfort and the durability of the floor.

    Hardwood bamboo flooring has become a very popular choice in the last decade and judging by its beauty, I can totally understand why. Bamboo flooring is made out of bamboo plants, so bamboo is actually a grass and not a wood.  However, when it is harvested to make bamboo laminate flooring, the result is a hardwood-like appearance. In fact, if you just looked at it inside someone's home, you wouldn't be able to tell if the flooring was made out of actual hardwood or bamboo! If you still haven't decided on what type of floor you want, read on and discover why bamboo flooring might be the best choice for you.

1.Bamboo flooring is more resistant to moisture than another flooring

   If you've ever talked to a hardwood flooring manufacturer, you know that hardwood and water don't mix.  In fact, simple spills or tiny leaks can lead to permanent hardwood damage - like warping and discoloration. But bamboo flooring is different.  You can use a damp mop to clean it, without worrying about ruining it.  It will hold its own against moisture and liquids.

2. Durability

    Whether you need your flooring to survive amongst kids, pets or lots of foot traffic, strand woven bamboo flooring is up for the challenge! Strand woven bamboo flooring is twice as hard as sturdy oak flooring.  It's made by weaving strips of bamboo together, then compressing them in a special high-pressure, high-heat machine. This bamboo flooring can withstand thousands of pounds of pressure!

3. Bamboo laminate comes in a variety of shades and colours

    Bamboo is actually more versatile than hardwood flooring because it offers more choices.  Whether you want a natural hue, an ivory floor, a honey-colored floor, or a deep dark chocolate colour, bamboo flooring has it all!

4. It’s Easy To Clean

Bamboo is easy to clean. It’s water- and stain-resistant, too. You can sweep or vacuum it regularly and use a damp cloth or paper towel to wipe up spills. You can mop it when needed, you can also buy a floor cleaner created specifically for bamboo flooring.

5. It’s Unique

Bamboo is a flooring option that can make your home stand out from those with carpet, tile or hardwood floors. Bamboo floors can give your home a worldly or unique stylish atmosphere.

This article is made in collaboration with Ambient Bamboo.

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