ABH Modern Renaissance Palette Review & Swatches

  Hello my lovely friends!
  Another day, another gorgeous palette from Anastasia. Today, we talk about the well known Modern Renaissance palette. Is it really that gorgeous? Is it worth the hype? Is it a must in every girl's collection? I'll try to answer all these questions for you and maybe you can make an idea if this baby is something for you or not. Let's get started!
    I've had a crush on this palette since I saw it on Instagram. I thought the shade selection is very beautiful and feminine, but somehow I was in doubt if I should buy it or not. When I did decide to buy it, guess what? It was sold out! Lucky me, huh? Anyway, now it's mine thanks to my angel Elisa. She gave me this beauty and the Master by Mario palette as a gift and I am forever thankful for that. Thank you, honey! Love you! Now let's talk more about this palette!

The packaging is lovely and feminine. The palette comes in a soft mauve box that has all the details written on the back. The actual palette is made out of cardboard covered in a soft mauve velvet. I think the velvet detail is very nice, but once you get to use the palette it gets a little annoying because the velvet will get dirty from the eyeshadows. I try to take care of this aspect and not to stain the cover. Inside you can find a big mirror and a double-sided brush. 

I have read so many reviews about this palette, so I knew what to expect of it. The formula is velvety soft and creamy at the same time. The eyeshadows are very pigmented, they blend very well and they have a good lasting power. Because of the soft formula, they do have some fall out, but that's not such a big issue for me. 

The palette has 14 shades that are perfect for day and night looks. 
Tempera is a beige with an ultra-matte finish.
Golden Ochre is an earthy yellow with an ultra-matte finish.
Vermeer is an iridescent shell with a metallic finish.
Buon Fresco is an antique lavender with an ultra-matte finish.
Antique Bronze is a metallic sable with a satin finish.
Love Letter is a raspberry with an ultra-matte finish.
Cyprus Umber is a dark coffee with an ultra-matte finish.
Raw Sienna is a neutral amber with an ultra-matte finish.
Burnt Orange is a deep orange with an ultra-matte finish.
Primavera is a shimmery gold with an ultra-matte finish.
Red Ochre is a sienna with an ultra-matte finish.
Venetian Red is a crimson with an ultra-matte finish.
Warm Taupe is an earthy grey with an ultra-matte finish.
Realgar is a brick with an ultra-matte finish.

  Overall, I think it's a really nice palette and that it's definitely worth the hype. Is it a must in every girl's collection? Hard to say. Although it's a lovely palette, with a great pigmentation, the shade range might not be to everyone's liking, so you have to really think well before you take a decision. 
   I am very happy that I could add this to my collection and I can't wait to play more with it!
   What is your opinion about the Modern Renaissance palette? Yay or nay?
   You can leave me your answer in the comment box below. 

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