4 reasons why you shouldn’t drive with worn car tyres

      Driving a car that has worn out tyres, is like playing the Russian roulette with your life and the lives of the other passengers and drivers that you share the road with. Statistics show that the risk of having a serious crash increase when you're driving a car with worn-out tyres.
     The reasons why worn out tyres cause control and drivability problems are
1. Hydroplaning - When the tyres are good, deep treads pass through the water without any problem, making sure that your car stays on the road. If the tyres are worn out, the car can skate across a wet surface, causing hydroplaning. Then you loose control of the steer and bad things can happen.

2. Puncture - Let's face it! No tyre is safe from punctures, but it's a different story when we talk about worn out tyres because there the rubber is so thin, that even the smallest thing can cause a sudden blowout.

3. Heat build up - As the tyres wear down, there is less space for air to flow between the grooves of the tread to cool the tyres, so they heat up. Since heat is a major enemy of the tire rubber, is useless to say the amount of damage that it can cause. 

4. Air leakage - Tyres with worn tread are much more likely to leak air and loose air pressure. This can affect steering and breaking. This is a danger to your wallet as well, tyres which have less air pressure causes your car to consume more gas.

  It is recommended you rotate your tyres on a regular basis to prevent them from uneven usage and if they are too worn out, to replace them immediately, for your own safety. These are a few of the reasons why is so important to check your tyres regularly.Tyres in London & many other locations are available at Point S with FREE online booking so all you have to do is schedule an appointment with the local fitters without any problem.

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