A Gal’s Guide To Modern Day Engagements

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Loved up couples have been getting engaged for as far back in history as we can see. When you meet the love of your life, you marry them and live happily ever after. Although the concept is still the same, a lot has changed when it comes to getting engaged.

Today, the traditions that were once taken so seriously, are often more loosely applied, or in some cases forgotten about altogether. Getting engaged in 2017 comes with an array of questions and concerns regarding etiquette and tradition, and what should and shouldn’t be adhered to.

With that in mind, below is a guide to modern day engagements and what is and isn’t important. Should he ask for permission?

Traditionally, before proposing the man would ask the father of his partner for his permission to marry her. This was a tradition that was linked to respect – it was seen as being respectful for the man to ask the father of his partner for his blessing. During some periods of history, such as during the 1900s, it was actually mandatory for the father to give permission. Otherwise, the marriage would not go ahead. But what about today, is asking permission still a must? This depends on an array of factors but ultimately depends on personal preference. If you think that your father would appreciate being asked for his blessing, it’s a good idea to mention that to your partner at some point, just so that he’s aware of it.

Is he the one that should pick the ring?

History dictates that before popping the question, the man should look at diamond engagement rings and pick one to give to his sweetheart if she agrees to marry him. An engagement ring was seen as being a formal agreement between a couple that they would soon marry. Today, that’s still the case; however, many men don’t pick the ring themselves, they wait until after they have proposed and let their wife-to-be pick their own ring, ensuring that they get a design they love. The question is, should he pick the ring before or does it not matter? Again, it comes down to personal preference and whether he thinks he can pick a ring his partner will love.

Does he need to get down on one knee?

Again, tradition dictates that when proposing, a man should get onto one knee. The reason for this is simple – it’s a sign of respect. Or at least, it was traditionally. You see, kneeling makes the man lower than the women, showing her that he respects her. This was seen as being incredibly important back in the day, but what about now? Now, kneeling to propose is seen more as a romantic gesture than anything else – it has little to do with respect these days. However, even so, a lot of women expect their partner to kneel to propose.

So, there you have it, everything that you need to know about getting engaged in the year of 2017 as a millennial.

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