Are You Getting The Pay You Deserve?

 You might think that you are getting the right level of pay for your job, but how can you be sure? The fact is that you can’t, and it is possible that you are getting paid a lot less than you deserve for your job. Not just ethically, but legally too so let’s look at ways you can check you’re getting paid the fair amount.

Check The Average

You may want to research and find out the average amount of pay for a job that you are completing. For instance, the average level of pay for a junior journalist in the UK is around fifteen to sixteen thousand a year. This might seem low, but it is basically a point of training. Once you develop your skills, your level of pay will increase.

Look At Other Local Companies

Don’t forget pay level can be affected by where you are working. For instance, pay levels are often higher in big cities like London and New York in certain industries. This is done to account for the high cost of living in these areas. As such, there may be no point comparing your salary to someone working in a city like this. There will be a notable difference.

Are You In A Worst Paid Job?

Finally, you may want to check out the list of the worst paid jobs that you could be completing. You can find the full list in the infographic below. If you are working in one of these industries, you will find that pay is minimal. As such, you may want to think about changing your career to get what you deserve.

Infographic Credit To: Cashfloat

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