Avoiding The Knife: Non Surgical Treatments Explained

Even those of us who eat a healthy balanced diet,  keep fit and active and work hard on our skin care regime, can become a little bit low when it comes to how we look.  
Age and stress takes its toll and our bodies change dramatic after we have children.  Hollywood stars all have a personal surgeon on speed dial to take care of any nip or tuck they may need, but going under the knife is something that should be avoided unless it is absolutely necessary.  Luckily lots of non surgical treatments have hit the high streets so we are going to take a look at a few, how they can improve your look and what can go wrong!


One of the most popular treatments that you will have heard of is botulinum toxin injections, known as Botox.  Used to relax wrinkles in order to prevent them from getting deeper it is extremely effective.  It can be used very successfully in a non surgical eye lift, which gives your eyes the appearance of a lift without any surgical intervention.  

Whilst a lot of people start having Botox in their late 30’s, it can actually be too late to enjoy the full affects of this procedure and can result in an emotionless face.  You may have seen this on a few celebrities and been put off.  The best time to reap the benefits is actually in your 20’s before wrinkles really set in.  A course of botox over the later end of your 20’s will help your skin look more youthful through your 30’s and 40’s without the need to top it up.  Essentially you are slowing down the process of wrinkle development, giving you a little more time with flawless skin.

Laser Hair Removal

Shaving and waxing is a constant battle through the summer.  If you head to a salon for a full leg wax it can soon add up too.  Interestingly enough though there are more men enjoying the benefit of laser hair removal since the trend of the metrosexual made manscaping a common ritual in even the most manly of gentleman’s lives.  The procedure delivers long lasting hair removal so removes the hassle of constantly grooming in the bathroom.  There are very few complications with the procedure itself but as with any non surgical practice, you will be informed of any possible complications before going through with it.  Well worth considering if you have particularly troublesome areas and can be great for getting brows that are totally on fleek!

Chemical Peels

Microdermabrasion is not as popular as you might think.  It is a rejuvenating procedure which can reveal younger, healthier skin by stripping off the dull skin cells that ruin your complexion or, removing the damaged top layer of skin completely.  It is not something that should be considered lightly and can cause severe burning to your skin.  You will also have to take great care after and your face can look extremely sore for many weeks.  There are quite high rates of complications seen due to chemical peels and you may be aware of the hundreds of cosmetic surgery negligence claims that have appeared in newspapers across the world.  Get really good advice before considering this harsh procedure.

Dermal Fillers.

Not only used for lip plumping, these injectable fillers are used for non surgical facelifts and non surgical nose jobs, bet you didn’t know that! Non surgical rhinoplasty is a thing, it is popular because many people are put off by the permanence and complications of the surgical option.  Fillers are injected in precise locations under the skin of the nose to change the contours which can completely reshape it and give you the nose of your dreams.

Fillers are also used to hide heavy eye bags or give more structure to your cheekbones.  However they are not a permanent solution.  You will have to have them replaced after a few years.  Just be subtle with them.  We’ve seen some rather crazy duck lips due to people going a little wild on fillers.  With everything, little is best.  You don’t want the world knowing you have had a little help!

Whatever procedure you are considering, take your time and do your research.  Whilst a lot of things are reversible this can be a very costly event and can have a very negative impact on your mental health.  If you just want to make the most of what you have got, then go for it and make yourself look twenty right into your fifties!

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