By The End Of This Post You'll Have Your Own Personal Style


Having your own personal style is key if you want to look and feel fabulous every day. Most people don’t have their own personal style. This means they end up with items in their wardrobe that they hardly wear, or don’t wear at all. It also means sometimes, they’re unsure of their outfits and don’t feel the best they possibly can. With your own personal style, each of your outfits will feel like ‘you’. You should feel confident and ready to take on the day! Read on if you want to develop your very own personal style:

Make A Collage Or Vision Board
Start out making a collage or vision boards of every single outfit and style you like. Pinterest is great for this, but you can use plenty of magazines and a big piece of card too. The idea is that you identify the styles you like and make note of things that crop up often. Identifying the patterns will give you an idea of what you really like and should consider buying. Sometimes, we might like an outfit, but that doesn’t mean we’d wear it or love it on us. And that’s OK! Chances are, the more you see a pattern crop up, the more likely you would actually like it on yourself.

Think Of The Words That Describe You
How would you describe yourself? How would your friends describe you? Think of around 3 keywords that you like. Now, when you go shopping, make sure you keep these 3 keywords in mind. If the clothes and outfits you’re picking up don’t match up to those words, forget them!

Assess Your Wardrobe Situation
Take a look in your wardrobe and assess the situation. What items do you have that you’ve never worn? Why? What outfits and items do you have that you wear a lot, and why do you think that is? By making these assessments you can learn from your fashion successes and mistakes and then keep these in mind when you shop.

Don’t Forget Your Accessories
We all need accessories to help enhance our personal style. Accessories help to add dimension to an outfit and can even be sentimental. Things like 925 earrings for girls by elf925 could help to add a subtle effect to your look. However, make sure your jewelry choices reflect your personality too. Are you a free spirit? Layer your jewelry up! Are you more demure? Keep it simple!

Be Smart When You Shop
Always take a list with you when you go shopping. Write down exactly what you need, or what it is you’re looking for. You’re less likely to waste money on things you’ll never wear this way, and you’ll always have everything you need to put together a kickass outfit that suits you perfectly!

See? Follow these steps and you’ll soon have a great idea of your own personal style. This isn’t to say you can't ever stray and try new things. You’ll just have a much better time shopping and dressing. You’ll feel amazing too!

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