Coloupop Highlighter Collection Swatches & Review


     Lately, I’ve been obsessed with highlighters. Since I always go for a natural look, I wanted to give my face an extra glow and what better way to do this, than with a nice highlighter, right? Since the only highlighter I had in my collection was Mary Loumanizer from The Balm, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to add some extra pieces to my collection.
   The Colourpop highlighters were the ones that caught my eye because the shade selection is pretty wide and they are budget friendly (if you don’t take shipping fees and taxes into consideration). I’ve been using these pretties for a while and today it’s time to tell you my opinion about them. Are they pigmented? Are they worth it? Well, read on and find out. Enjoy!

   I’m pretty sure that if you’ve heard about Colorpop by now, you probably know that their Super Shock eyeshadows (review & swatches soon) and highlighters have a very unique and special formula. Maybe they call them Super Shock because you really have a shock when you first touch them! They are very soft, velvety and creamy. Yes, you read well, creamy. Because that’s how they feel when you touch them, even though they aren’t cream highlighters. Interesting, huh? I thought so too!
   Each highlighter comes in a sturdy plastic container. The containers are usually white, but the colour may change if you’re purchasing a highlighter from a special collection. Each highlighter has 4.4 g and retails for $8.

Colourpop Yummy Cookies – This beauty is part of the Hello Kitty collection. It’s a pearlized peachy shade with a golden sheen to it. I usually wear it as a blush topper or simply as a blush when I want to achieve a natural glow.

Colourpop Churro – This one is a mix of bronze, champagne and gold tones and is actually a combination of three separate Colourpop highlighters: Avalon, Wisp and Stole The Show. I had a minor heart attack when I purchased this one because I read that this shade is way to dark for girls with fair skin and I was already thinking what can I do with it. Luckily, the shade is gorgeous and suits my complexion.

Colourpop Strapped – This is a peachy/pink highlighter with a pearlised finish. It’s part of a special collection that Colourpop launched last year. If offers a very healthy glow to my face and can also be used a blush.

Colourpop Honeymoon – I absolutely ADORE this one! It’s an opalescent pearl with blue and violet glitter that is simply STUNNING! I love to apply it as a lipstick topper too, looks amazing and makes my lipstick last longer.

Colourpop Hippo – This one is a soft cool-toned icy lavender. I bought this one by mistake, I wanted to purchase Honeymoon and I didn’t look good when I placed my order. I don’t really mind because it’s a gorgeous piece and will be perfect when spring comes.

Colourpop Smokin’ Whistles – This is a cool-toned pink champagne with silver highlights. It’s a very pretty highlighter that can be easily used for an everyday makeup look. It’s quite subtle and offers the face a healthy glow.

     Since we are talking about Colourpop and I told you that they have a pretty special formula, I feel that I should give you a tip on how to use these highlighters. You can try to use a synthetic stipple brush, but my advice is to use your finger because that way you will get maximum pigmentation and coverage.
   Have you tried any of the Colourpop highlighters? What is your opinion about them?
   Let me know your answers in the comment box below.

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