DIY Your Way Through The House

Home improvements can be truly rewarding, especially if you complete them yourself. There is a real feeling of making the house your home, nail after nail, paint roll after paint roll. But you don’t always have to get your box of tools to lighten up the house with some clever DIY skills. Making your house work for your lifestyle and adding a touch of creativity in each room take less time than you might think. Have a look at 4 things that you could do to make your house feel more homely.  

#1. Create Practical Small Rooms
Small rooms can be the nightmare of most homeowners: You rarely have sufficient space to put everything you need in them! There is a way to approach small spaces, though, and this is to make the most of each inch with DIY. For a start, use the walls for storage with shelving units. If your walls are too thin to hold a shelf, you should look for alternative ways of keeping your shelf in places, such as using cordless glue guns for example. Always work with custom-made furniture and stackables for small spaces, as this guarantees that you won’t be wasting any room.

Shelves on the wall

#2. In The Conservatory
A conservatory tends to have a slight vintage feel to it. So it is the best place for you to keep your old-fashioned wooden chairs. If you are a fan of second-hand shops and vintage fayres, you’ll find plenty of nice items! Be playful with old wooden furniture: A coat of chalk paint can give it just that shabby chic look that you need. Some even love the idea of using different colors and even different chairs. There’s nothing stopping you from creating the perfect vintage look!

Make the old look new

#3. In The Lounge
The lounge seems, at first, to be the room of the house where the décor is already set by your choice of sofa and your TV. Wrong! You can always influence the atmosphere of the room with bright handmade cushion covers that will give some personality to your living area. If you have plenty of photos, it’s always a good idea to create elegant or rustic wooden frames to hang your favourite memories on the wall. Why no glue together the shells of your latest beach holiday to decorate a picture frame, for example?

#4. In The Bedroom
Your bedroom is a room of comfort and warm. Where best should you let your knitting skills shine with a unique bed throw? You can use a knitting machine if you happen to own one, but the knitting needles will do just the job too! If you are up for the challenge, you could sew a bed quilt and coordinated curtains. A favorite when it comes to bed quilt designs is the patchwork square arrangement. This immediately brings a vintage and cozy feel to the bedroom: There’s no denying it; people simply feel at ease when they spot a patchwork quilt! This one will definitely need some specialist tools, especially a quality sewing machine.

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