Everyday Mindfulness For You And Your Family

There are many benefits that you and your family will get from practicing mindfulness every day. Firstly, it is a fantastic way to reduce the stress levels in your body. That’s not all, though, as it can also effectively help you to seize every minute and enjoy it for what it is. You will find that you hardly ever dwell on the past or be too focused on the future once you start to be mindful. Ready to get started? Here are some great ideas you can do with your family.


Set A Time For Mindfulness

If you are trying to encourage your kids to be more mindful, you should set a time in the day when your family can practice together. Kids love routines, and once they get used to this time being set aside for mindfulness, they will start to be a lot more open to practice. Plus, they will know that they shouldn’t be playing with their toys or doing anything else during this time. To remind everyone about this time, make a note of it on every day of your calendar.

Find A Mindful Place

Ideally, you need to practice your mindfulness together in a space that is very peaceful and free from any distractions. Think of this space as an area in which you can all get in touch with your inner hippy! One of the best places to work on your mindfulness is out in your garden because you will all have the chance to reconnect with nature. In our day, garden maintenance was seen as a huge chore, but that view is slowly changing. In fact, some people practice mindful gardening. So, as well as meditating together in your garden, you and your family could have a go at some mindful gardening. For instance, take your time to go around your garden and experience all your plants with all your senses.


Bring Mindfulness To The Table

Part of being mindful is expressing gratefulness for all the little things that people do for us. And there is no better place to do this than when your family is sitting around the dining table for dinner. You can join together and thank those who have made the meal for you. It also gives you chance to think about all the individual ingredients and think about their origins. You should also go around the table and let everyone say one thing that they are grateful for that day.

Be Mindful With Discipline

There is no way to escape disciplining your children. No matter how well-behaved they normally are, there will certainly be some days when they aren’t little angels. In order to effectively discipline them, you should be mindful of how your child could currently be feeling. This will help you consider what the most appropriate punishment may be. Once they have been punished, make sure you reflect with them on what happened and why it was necessary to punish them. This will help to reinforce good behavior.

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