Get Happy: Tips For Improving Your Mental Health

When we hear the phrase ‘mental health’ we can shy away from it, feeling like it doesn’t apply to us.  We are fit and healthy and of sound mind right?  Well that may not be the case.  Having good mental health isn’t as common as you might think, so how can we make sure our minds are as healthy as our bodies?

Do you talk enough?  That may sound like a funny question to ask, but talking is one of the best ways to help improve your clarity of thinking and broaden your understanding of self.  By allowing problems to niggle away and not sharing things with others, we can often fall into the rut of thinking that our issues are completely unique.  In reality most of the things we worry over are shared by a huge number of people, even the ones who look confident and happy on the outside are often full of self doubt and stress on the inside.  So get out there are start talking.

We spend a lot of our time at work and this can often add to our stress.  If you are in a senior role it can be even worse as not only are you dealing with your own personal battles, you now have to take on your colleagues concerns or complaints.  It can be really useful to ask your boss if you can have some hr training to help you process the work stuff which will make it easy to leave in the office.  Being in control is a great way of working constructively through issues and then putting them to bed.

The opposite of talking is listening and you need to find a balance.  Spending some time to learn about meditation either on its own or whilst practicing yoga, is a great way of listening.  Not to others, but to yourself.  Sometimes our minds become so crowded it is like we have an army of monkeys all going wild in there.  Meditation will teach you how to calm these monkeys down and set them to task on another job.  Often freeing you up to find clarity amongst the madness and make steps to solve the issues that are driving you crazy.

Ensuring you are getting enough of the right kind of sleep is key to ensuring you have good mental health.  A lack of sleep can lead to depression and depression leads to a lack of sleep.  It is a vicious cycle that is tough to get out of.  Get yourself a good bedtime routine and stick to it.  Experts say 10pm is the best time to hit the sack, so consider getting yourself ready an hour before.  Knock heavy late night meals on the head, they get your body working, not resting.  Alcohol is also a friend you’ll need to say farewell too, not forever but just until you know you are back on track.

Exercise, eat well and take time for yourself.  These are the key elements to keeping a healthy mind.  Don’t neglect it!  

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