How To Eat Well

It can be like opening a can of worms when you google ‘Tips for getting healthy’ as you are suddenly thrown into a world of two thousand fad diets and the latest must try fitness crazy.  Confusing isn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to be.  Forget all the crazy maple syrup diet drinks and focus on these simple ideas instead.

Losing weight is very simple on paper.  Eat less calories than your body requires and you will lose weight.  There, that is the secret.  Of course you already knew that, whilst it is easy to write it down, putting it into practice is a lot harder.  Of course it isn’t just about how much you eat, it is also about what you eat. What changes will help you stay younger and healthier?

There are some great natural supplements on the market that can help you out, such as Spirulina capsules.  This natural algae is a dream come true for your body.  Not only is it super high in digestible protein but it’s also full of nutrients that help your body to naturally detox itself.  In fact Spirulina is one of the favourite celebrity diet pills so if you like your fix of A list trends, you can relax and know you have found one that is actually good for you.

There is a fashion now for the ancient grain.  Quinoa has gone wild over the last 5 years with almost every single health expert promoting the benefits of this super grain.  However, there comes a day where all crowns must topple, this time the contender to the title comes over from Palestine.  Freekeh is much higher in protein than quinoa, it is also much easier to pronounce.  However, it is the outstanding level of fiber it holds which will really help you lose weight whilst staying super healthy.  Freekeh acts like a prebiotic, filling your stomach with the good bacteria.  It also helps move toxins through your body into your colon.  If you are taking the Spirulina this is a perfect combination as the little green pills will help to detox your colon too.  Perfect.  

The humble nut is often overlooked, in particular the king of vitamin E, the almond.  There are very few food sources which can provide vitamin E so before you head to the supplement counter, start to increase your intake.  They are also packed full of the good fat, Omega 3, so don’t be worried about that.  Nuts will help you feel fuller for longer and are excellent as a little snack to get you through the day.  You can also blitz them down into a smoothie for added flavour.  Delicious.

Before you start checking out the latest diets, do a little research of your own and make some healthy changes to your current diet.  You’ll soon find out how simple it is to change your body and overall health.  

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