Inject Laughter Into Your Workout: Fun Ways To Get Fit

Usually, January is the month everyone makes their resolutions of fitness and takes the chance to join a gym with the new discounts available. Honestly, while the adrenaline rush of a workout feels wonderful, the gym is boring! You tend to do the same all over body workout on the same machines and you never get a chance to work out on other terrains.

Running is another workout people vow to partake in due to the turn of the year. Apps that time and map your runs are downloaded en masse and you see a lot of people at 5am pounding the pavement to get rid of the pounds put on over the festive season. Working out should be fun; it should be something you want to take part in and you look forward to doing. It shouldn’t be boring because it’s even more likely you will drop the activity if it isn’t mentally stimulating enough. There are plenty of activities out there that can get your heart rate pumping and smiling while you do it, you just have to find them!

Zumba: The hip-shaking workout that promises to bust calories in huge amounts, it’s for everyone. It doesn’t matter how uncoordinated you are, you can take part, have fun and even make new friends while you do it.
Fun Run: Actual running at 5am is not fun. However, getting together with a group of friends to do a charity fun run is actually one of the biggest giggles out there. Whether you do this with friends at work or outside the office, you can go online with Trophies Plus Medals and get prizes that are engraved for everyone who takes part. Fun Runs help charity so good karma plus an engraved trophy makes for a fun afternoon.
Competitive Sport: It’s not just for kids. Join a karate class, a gymnastics group or even a swimming club. Making sports and working out social gives it that little kick of fun that solo sports tend not to have. Joining a football team opens the door for a drink afterward and the feeling of solidarity with team spirit makes your workout worthwhile
Trampolining: You know you’ve probably seen kids do it and seen them on the television advertised toward children. But getting your name down for a Trampolining class can be hysterical. Rope together some friends and go for a bounce. Wear comfy clothes though, it may look fun but it isn’t easy and does take a level of athleticism.

Making a resolution in January to work out harder doesn’t mean you have to join the gym bunnies at the crack of dawn every single day. You can do so much more than just run on the spot while watching the morning news. Making your workout fun and full of laughter will not only keep you going back again and again, but you’ll be getting fit with friends and a smile on your face. Sounds like far more fun, doesn’t it?

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