Latest Empties: Nivea, Ziaja, Rimmel and much more

   It's been a while since my last empties post, I can't believe that it was almost one year ago! God, I'm such a terrible blogger! Anyway, better late than never, right? I have to admit that for today's post I haven't photographed all the empty products that I had because they were a lot and many of them were repeating themselves. Let's get started!

    The shower gel from Victoria's Secret came as a lovely surprise to me. It left my skin super soft and the lovely smell lasted for hours. This one came in a set that I received from my husband, but I wouldn't repurchase it because I believe that the price is a little too high only for a shower gel.
  I've been a Rituals fan for over 5 years now and I have to thank my husband for that because he was the one who introduced me to them. At the beginning, I was a fan of the Sakura line, but now I'm more with the fresh notes from the Happy Buddha line, that orangey smell really relaxes me and this shower gel was a real pleasure.
   It won't come as a surprise to you if I tell you that I love Bath&Body Works. Every single time I bought something from America, I had to buy something from Bath&Body Works. Their products are pretty amazing and the packaging is to die for. The foamy soaps are among my favourites, especially the Moonlight Path range. Another empty is Isana hand soap from Rossman that I bought the last time I was in Germany. I have to say the packaging tricked me and made me buy it, the soap itself wasn't that special.

  I received the duo-phase makeup remover from Ziaja as a present at one of my orders. It's a small bottle, but a little goes a long way. Thanks to its small size, it's travel-friendly and you can use it for your whole face without any problems, it's super gentle with the eye area.
  I believe you noticed the next product in my favourite products from 2016 post. I chose this one because I did not get along with the Nivea Double Effect makeup remover. You can check out that post and see why I like it so much. By the way, I already repurchased this for the third time, that's how much I love it!
  The Garnier micellar water is an old love of mine. I admit I am talking about the pink version. In the meantime, I tried out the biphase one and now it was time to try the one for sensitive and combination skin. All I can say is that I liked it and I did not notice any difference between this one and the pink one. It removed my makeup really well and it didn't break me out, so for me that's a winner.

The Olay Sensitive day cream is a very old love of mine. I wrote a few times about it and why I love it so much. It's a great day moisturiser, it doesn't break me out and it's a great makeup base. Even though I love it so much I will look for another day moisturiser in summer because this one doesn't have a high Spf factor.
I bought the Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Serum in one of my trips to Germany. It was on offer, so I took advantage of that to try it out. It was an ok product, but I did not notice any big improvements for my skin, so I don't think I will repurchase this one.
Ziaja is a brand very dear to my soul. I say that because they have a few products that I can't see myself without. The night cream from the Sensitive line was part of my night routine for a really long time. Now I have other products that I want to try out, but I will repurchase this one for sure. I wanted to include an anti-wrinkle product in my routine, so I went for the Revitalising Essence with Vit C. Unfortunately, I did not get along with this product so well. It didn't break me out or anything, but I did not like the consistency that was more on the thick part and the smell and that is why I did not use it all. I don't think I will repurchase this one.

 My favourite perfume of all times, my beloved Trussardi - My Name. Another bottle is finished and another one is repurchased. I won't ever be able to explain how much I love this perfume. It suits me as a glove and although I have a lot of perfumes, this is my one and only love.
For the last 5 months, I used the Nivea Protect & Care deo. I love the way it smells and protects my skin. I bought the Balea deodorant from Dm because it's small and easy to carry around. In the past, I loved their sensitive line deo, but now their formula has changed or something. The smell is different and the lasting power also. After Nivea, Dove is another favourite brand when it comes to deodorants. This one I received from my mother in law and I really enjoyed the smell, fresh and feminine. Might repurchase in the future.

I haven't used a dry shampoo for ages because I get really bad dandruff from them, especially from the Batiste ones. Strange, because from everything that I've tried so far, Batiste was the best. Hopefully, I will find a better one soon because when you are in a hurry and your hair needs a lift up, a dry shampoo can really do the trick.
I believe I mentioned before that I have some problems with hair fall. In my quest in finding the right shampoo that might help me with my problem, I came across Alpecin. I choose the one that had anti-dandruff properties too, hoping that I can get help for 2 problems instead of one. Well, this was a waste of money and time. I did not see any improvement in my hair, so I will definitely stay away from it from now on.

I usually don't post about toothpaste, but this one was to good to be left aside. I am talking about the toothpaste with Tea Tree from Dr Organic. I did not have such a good impression about this brand since I tried a few of their products and ended up throwing them away. Now, I found this one on offer and I thought it would worth the try, Tea Tree has amazing benefits, so why not give it a try. I am glad I did because this product is amazing. It has a really fresh smell, cleans very well and a little goes a long way. Definitely worth considering if you are looking for a good toothpaste.
The hand cream from Nivea is actually the first-hand cream that I finish in ages! Yes, I know! I have a lot of them and I tend to open them all at the same time, so finishing one seems like a really hard task for me. I liked this one because it sank into my skin very fast, made my skin super soft without that greasy feel. Great product!
Ah, Trussardi my love. I think I drive you guys insane with my love for Trussardi, but I can't help it. I kept this body lotion for a while because I loved it so much that I did not want to use it. It's a very light body lotion, perfect for summer I would say. It leaves the skin very soft and hydrated.

Last but not least, makeup! At this category, I finished another Nude Magique from L'Oreal. You can click on the link that I added and read the review that I did for this awesome product. It's really one of my favourites!
I have to confess, lately, I tried a lot of different mascaras. You all know that I have my favourites, but I have to try others too, who knows what I find, right? Well, I have to say that the mascaras from Rimmel were not for me. The brush was far too big and that made it very difficult for me to apply it properly. I won't repurchase them.
Perversion by Urban Decay is one of my favourite mascaras. It offers great length and volume for my lashes. What more can I ask for?

This is it! These are my latest empties. From now on, I will try to write a post like this every month, that way I won't get you bored with a long post and I can keep a track of the products that I finish.
What products have you finished up recently?
Let me know your answer in the comment box below.

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