Lifestyle Swaps For A Healthier You


Say the words ‘healthy eating’ or ‘healthy lifestyle’ and quite a big part of you may sigh and groan with disdain. There is so much information in the public sphere regarding weight loss, getting fit and overall living a much healthier life. Quite often, many of us simply become sick of it! If you are one of the types who rolls your eyes when you hear about the latest fad diet, but you also want to start to live a little better, you may find yourself quite conflicted. You also don’t want to give up the little treats that you love so much – after all, aren’t these the things that make life more fun? So, it is possible to really ‘have your cake and eat it’? Here are some handy lifestyle and diet swaps that help you get your fix while still striving for a healthier you.

Going wholegrain

Do you look at people who proudly claim they’ve been on a ‘low carb diet’ with abject shock and horror? Thanks to various Hollywood food trends, many of us have been conditioned to believe that carbs are the enemy and that they should be avoided at all costs. But in reality, carbohydrates are actually an integral part of our diet – we need them to produce the energy we need to function in everyday life. If you are trying to be a little more health conscious, don’t cut carbs completely, as you will only end up snacking on more sugary food in order to compensate. Instead, swap your white rice, pasta, and bread for the wholemeal versions. Wholegrain products release their energy more slowly, helping you to feel fuller for longer. Plus, they taste just as good!

Ditching the tobacco

One lifestyle choice that can have a huge impact on your health is whether or not you choose to smoke. Smoking can be incredibly bad for you as it can lead to a whole host of different health problems – ranging from dental issues to even being linked to some types of cancer. If you have tried giving up cigarettes for but to no avail, you may need to take a different approach rather than just going cold turkey. It might be worth educating yourself about vape 101, for example. Vaping is a relatively new phenomenon, something that has only really become mainstream in the last few years. But it is something millions of smokers swear by as a healthier alternative to their addiction – it certainly wouldn’t hurt to try it.

Fizzy drinks

When you think of drinks that are bad for you, you might find that your brain automatically gravitates towards alcohol. While alcohol certainly does come with its own array of health risks, another drink that can be astonishingly bad for you is soda. Fizzy flavored drinks are often high in sugar and calories and consuming them too frequently can have a detrimental affect on your health. If you are conscious of your fizzy drink consumption, why not buy something like a soda stream? This way, by adding water and fruit juice, you can make your own fizzy drink alternatives at home.

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