Making Your Blog As Beautiful As It Can Be

If you’re a blogger, whether it’s a full-time job or just a hobby, it’s easy to get fixated on the content that you are creating. After all, it is only through producing regular, engaging content that you will get visitors coming to your website regularly.
However, the look of your blog is also hugely important. First impressions always count and this is certainly true when online. If your blog looks terrible, there’s a good chance that a visitor won’t even get to experience your content as they’ll move on to a more visually appealing site as soon as they get the chance.

An eye-catching header

Your blog’s header is likely to be the first thing that your visitors see, so make sure it is beautiful as can be. Use bold colours, but make sure that it isn’t too cluttered – you need your viewers to be able to quickly identify the name of your blog and what it’s all about.

In addition, make sure that your header includes ways for your audience to navigate their way around. Make the font clear and space out your different links to make sure that your header is practical and looks good.

And a fantastic footer

Another key design feature of most blogs is a footer. Although this doesn’t have to be visually exciting, it shouldn’t be an afterthought. Split your footer into clear sections, including contact details, legal information and also a link that takes your reader back to the top of your site. If you neglect the look of your blog’s footer, the reader is unlikely to have much confidence in the quality of your content.

Improve your design skills

When you’re creating a blog, there are lots of generic templates for you to choose from which are nice but not exactly eye-popping. This may be fine when you are starting out, but as you get more confident in your blog, you may want to create a look that is more unique.

Improving your digital design skills lets you put your own stamp on your blog. One of the benefits of learning Adobe InDesign, for example, is that you can develop bespoke logos and graphics to really attract readers to your site. What’s more, when you learn design skills yourself, you don’t need to worry about others failing to implement your ideas in the way that you visualised them.

The importance of images

Images help to break up large chunks of text on your blog and they can also be very appealing. You could make the most of copyright-free image resources that are available online, but don’t forget that you too can take amazing pictures if you have a smartphone and any eye for what works visually. Taking your own photographs also means that your images are unique, which provides another reason for visitors to keep coming back to your site.

If you’re not convinced about your own skills, you could always hire a professional photographer to take pictures for you. You can give them some criteria to work on so your site still reflects your personality and interests, but looks absolutely amazing.

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