Stop The Assessment: Make Your Own Judgement

Forget what everybody else has commented about us - we are our own worst critics. There is nobody whose opinions can be as harsh as the ones that we possess about ourselves; the difference lies in us being able to see things that others can’t necessarily spot. The majority of ourselves look at our reflection every day in the mirror, so we know when something is going wrong or has already got there - even if we were already born with it. A flaw to us could be a source of beauty for others, but if we’re constantly assessing ourselves then we are leaving time spare to look for the bits on us we love?


No matter what your eye shape, colour or how long your lashes are, our eyes are things of beauty; they provide one of the five senses that we need to make everything else fit into place. Taste, balance, touch - these are all helped along by what we can see. What we perceive to be true or false is initially brought to us by our eyes … so why do we hate on them so much if they don’t fit our ideal?! Look for the love that you can see on them. There are many different colours of contact lenses available to buy on the market, like at, so you can’t even say that your eye colour is undesirable - chances are that there is somebody out there in the world that is spending a lot of money trying to achieve what you were born with. There are tips and tricks online, mainly on YouTube tutorials, about how to achieve the best makeup look that will work for the colour and shape of your eyes, so swot up on those before you start casting disparaging judgements on yourself. Or pay a professional to do it. Each to their own.


There are diets and exercises that you can to do focus on different parts of your body that you want to change for the better. You can’t expect miracles to happen through diet and exercise alone; your bum won’t magically lift and your boobs won’t get two sizes bigger just because you’re cutting out carbs at lunchtime - you’ll need a qualified surgeon such as for that. There are things that you can do to increase you healthiness, and if nothing else on the outside changes then you just need to consider what’s working on the inside to keep you fitter for longer.


It may not even be your looks that the people around you love. If you have it available, you can spend so much money on trying to achieve the perfect version of yourself. Why don’t you focus on personality traits that you know people really admire about you; maybe it’s your resilience, your honesty, your ability to turn anything into a funny situation. Whatever you like about yourself and notice that others like too, focus on it and develop into something that people know and love you for.

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