Style Steal: Coco Chanel

One of the global fashion power houses was led by the most iconic woman in style.  Coco Chanel.  She understood how to make maximum impact with minimal shock factor and was well known for laid back, subtle fashion which was accessorised to the max.

One of the reasons we all hit the fake tan is because of Chanel.  Back in 1923 she slipped off a cruise after catching a little too much sun in Cannes and that was it, our love affair with a golden glow began.

She was famous for saying “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury” and then went on to design fashion trousers for women, although she later regretted it stating how sad it was to see 70% of ladies turning up for dinner dates in a pair.

Chanel really is to thank for all our favourite pieces which can be worn from day until night, including the little black dress and the little black jacket.  These items are still wardrobe staples for the young fashionistas of today and work well teamed with trainers for casual chic or with a basic white tee, then glammed up to mimic the class of Chanel with killer high heels or a black scoop neck top.  Keep things simple is the key to nailing her look then, go wild with accessories.

The designer was most famous for her love of pearls and you can grab this look easily from the high street were imitation pearls can be seen in most shops the world over.  Don’t be shy on quantity, Chanel went wild with this freshwater jewel, twisting long strings around her neck and even her wrist.  It made her basic looking outfits come to life.

She was also a fan of diamonds and was often seen wearing a simple diamond ring on her elegant hands.  It’s hard to mimic this look without spending a small fortune but you if you chat to a good dealer like James Allen Review you may be able to save yourself a little bit of money whilst investing in an everlasting piece of jewellery

If you want to rock this look at work then you need to think sharp tailoring with soft fabrics.  A Chanel suit will set you back a small fortune, but mimic her style by finding neat jersey cardigans and soft cotton pencil skirts.  Always tuck.  Chanel believed in precision and order as well as comfort.  Her hair was always neat too, whilst she favoured a shorter style, longer hair can be pinned up to look elegant and tidy.

Then all you have to do is capture her scent by delicately drenching yourself in her trademark perfume, the world renowned Chanel no5.

This look is one of the most elegant and effortless looks of the last century and won’t be going away anytime soon.  Put a modern twist on it if you like but remember her golden rules, hold your head high and keep all eyes on you.  

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