The 4 Ways To Have Fun At Your Wedding

When most couples worry about getting everything right during the wedding planning and avoiding any obvious mistake, only a few try to think about creating a sense of fun during the big day. After all, it’s a big celebration for you and your guests, so the best way to make the most of it, is surely to keep everyone entertained, and to plan for a few memorable surprises. Here’s how successfully fun weddings are planned.

Be Playful With Seating Arrangements
There’s nothing worse than keeping your guests at dull tables. When you are planning your guest list, you need to keep in mind their interests and their situations to make sure that you can match guests for fun table conversations. The best way to go ahead with this is to prepare a little note for each table that introduces everyone and set the tone for the conversation. For example, why not plan a kid’s table with coloring books and board games, so that they also have something to do during the dinner? Or keep your university friends together because they’ll surely have a lot in common! Don’t try to keep families together, but look for common interests when you are arranging tables instead. This will ensure that everyone can enjoy their time at your wedding and get to meet nice people too.

Choreographed Your Entrance With The Bridesmaids

There’s no such thing as making a boring entrance. For your wedding day, you should be looking at making the best entrance ever. Most brides agree that the easiest way to turn heads is to plan and rehearse your entrance with your bridesmaids, as this will avoid the last minute stress: Always know what you are doing, so it keeps you focused. Most brides also choose a common color theme so that the bridesmaids dresses and their own can be perfectly coordinated to the décor. You can have a look at traditional colors, such as pink and blue, for your bridesmaids - check the latest Alana Vivi collection for affordable quality - as long as you have similar tones with the wedding flowers and the decorations. More and more weddings are also favorising flowery dresses for a romantic touch.

Plan For Surprise Entertainment

Always remember to surprise your guests! This means that you should have something organized for the middle of the lunch or dinner to revive conversations. Whether you choose to invite a professional barman to perform and prepare cocktails for your guests, or you ask for professional dancers to run a short salsa number in the room, it is up to you. But your guests will certainly love the surprise!

Create Fun Memories

Last, but not least, you will need to help your guests keep memories of the day with great pictures. For this, you can build you own photo booth with a theme-related background. From a rustic wooden frame to a colorful backdrop, there are a lot of options for you to play with. Some like to use accessories such as hats and fake mustaches to add a touch of fun; others like to keep it low key with some flowers. The only limit is your imagination!

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