Want To Know The Secret To Boosting Your Mood?

We all go through moments in our life where we feel nothing more than down in the dumps. Sometimes this comes from an unexpected tragedy and others it may just be that you are over tired or feeling a little under the weather. Whatever the reason there are ways you can boost your mood and get yourself smiling again.

As obvious as it sounds your health and diet will play a large part in your emotional wellbeing. So it may be a good time to give your body a little TLC. Often we get a heavy toxin build up which can do all kinds of crazy things to our mental health. We have mentioned spirulina before, that is because it is a brilliant little supplement that will detox your colon and contains loads of antioxidants too. This will flush through all the horrible toxins that our bodies struggle to expel on their own.  A healthy body is a healthy mind so if you can’t pinpoint the reason for your misery then this might work for you.

If we are suffering heartache or anxiety and that is leading to you feeling completely lost and flat, it is amazing what a little hope can do.  There can’t be many of us that truly believe in our horoscopes, yet so many of us read them.  Why don’t you get your friends over for a girls night in and then indulge in a 24 hour psychic reading to see what your future holds.  Ok so it might not be the answer to your prayers, but laughing with your friends could just be all the remedy you need.

Cliches are cliches for a reason, mainly because they work.  So strap on your walking boots or lace up your trainers and get outside.  There has been decades of research into why exercise boosts our mood.  Forget the science behind it, it works.  Which is enough of a reason to pull the duvet off your head and get yourself out into the sunshine.  It might be a good idea to put yourself out of your comfort zone a little and try something completely new.  Achieving new things also improves our confidence and mood.  So look at local climbing centres or a different kind of fitness class and get yourself out there!

Get chatting.  When we feel low the temptation is to hide ourselves away from the world.  However spending time on your own often leads to going over and over the problem and eventually making it worse.  If there is nothing you can do to fix the issue that has left you feeling sad then get on the phone, call your best friend and head out for a coffee.  Talk through how you are feeling and listen to your friend.  Take on any advice she has but only apply it if it fits you.

Finally, whilst you are out having coffee, you might as well get on with some good old fashioned retail therapy.  There is nothing like splashing a little bit of cash to make us feel human again.  Just lay off the credit card.  Bills are not going to make you feel better!

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