6 creative ideas for customizing your clothes

Have you ever gone to a party or event thinking that you were wearing the coolest clothes, only to realize that someone else is wearing the exact same thing? What a nightmare right? But don’t fret, as there are many creative ways you can stand out from the crowd through the clothes you are wearing. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your clothes and customize! Here are some of the ways that you can do that.

If you like wearing skirts, a good way for you to be different is to actually change the length of your skirt! If you have a skirt in your possession that is too long for you, don’t be afraid to chop it off! You don’t need to throw old clothes just because you think you won’t need them anymore.
If you’re more into the feminine look, you can try adding lace to your clothes. We’ve seen how some dainty lace can add character to a pair of cut-offs. You can also add some lace sleeves to sleeveless tops with no sewing required! It adds an air of elegance and you can be sure that no one else will wear the same thing!
If you are feeling more confident in your cutting and sewing skills, you can even try turning old shirts into refashioned tops. Your old black, baggy shirts can turn into the perfect little black dress. You can even add a few embellishment to make it prettier.
Did you know that you can turn a top into a skirt? Take any men’s shirt or even your own and with clever tying tricks, you’ve got yourself a customized skirt that no one else will own unless they have the same ideas yours of course.
For an even more customized look, you can actually try sewing two different garments together. Think of it as a quilt but for clothes. You can just look at your old clothes that you’re planning to throw away or donate. Try mixing colors and patterns. The possibilities of the looks you may create are endless. You just need to use your imagination!
How about patches? You can take different materials and just sew them onto your material. But if you want a more customized look instead of the ordinary patch, why don’t you try clothing labels? Nothing says customized more than having your own label design sewn onto your clothes.
For customized labels, we love Wunderlabel and its services. It has been around since 2004 and is a company that prides itself in producing quality products. They cater to not only professional companies, but even crafters as well. It does not matter how small your order is, as they believe in quality, they will readily give their best.
Once you’ve chosen the product that you want to buy, you can now customize it with text, symbol or even logo. Won’t it be cool to wear your clothes with your own clothing label design?
Wunderlabel actually offers a money back guarantee, but you can be sure that you will be satisfied with your product once you get them.

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