A Peaceful Life

You may think that you need to pack up your backpack and head off to an ashram and practice meditation for 14 hours a day to get a peaceful life. But that isn't the case. You can infuse more peace into the life that you have now, by doing the following things.


It's funny, isn't it? One of the most simple things that we can do to bring more peace into our lives right at this moment is just breathe.

Why? Well, taking a moment to catch your breath helps you to focus on the sensation in your body, and the thoughts running through your mind. Which means you act more consciously, so you make more peace promoting decisions.

It also invigorates you, filling your body with oxygen allowing you to think clearer and feel better.


The next thing that you can do to have a more peaceful life is meditation. But that doesn't mean you have to spend hours in the lotus position. Just 10 minutes a day of watching your thoughts can have a huge effect on making your life more peaceful.

Why? Well it’s because when you take the time to stop and watch all of the thoughts and feelings that go by, we start to realize that none of them are permanent. They all come and go, and that gives us more freedom over the ones we choose to act on.

Look After Your Mental Health

Something else that you need to do for a more peaceful life is to get help with any mental health issue that you are experiencing. Mental health issue like, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and BPD can cause a great deal of suffering and unrest in the mind and body.

But you don't have to just muscle your way through. There is plenty of help out there you can access to find out if you have one of these conditions such as the test at http://www.bipolar-lives.com/am-i-bipolar.html. Then you can take this information to your medical provider, and they can help you course the right treatments to help you.


Journaling a is a great way of developing more inner peace in your life. Why? Well, it’s because it is a cathartic process. That is you actually get to formulate and expel your thoughts positive or negative, so they aren't just going around and around in your mind anymore.

For a lot of people, once they have written their thoughts down they can begin to let them go and forget about them. Read more about this at https://www.psychologytoday.com, and give it a try.

Change Your Attitude

Now let's not confuse this will Pollyanna thinking. Somethings in life are just bad, and difficult to deal with, and covering them in syrup and sprinkles isn't going to change that. In fact, it's just going to give you more work because you constantly have to change your mood.

However difficult things can be accepted, if not liked. Accepting a negative situation can bring you more peace because you get up to give the struggle with yourself. Also by accepting things they often diminish in importance and other more positive areas of your life can come to the fore.

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