Achieve A-List Style Whatever Your Budget

It may have been Yves Saint Laurent who said ‘fashion fades, style is eternal’ but no matter how well dressed you might be your pack packet doesn’t last forever! Nor does it help when celebrities bring out fashion, makeup and shoe ranges where a single product can cost around half a month’s rent. Still, there are ways of making sure that you look red carpet ready without breaking the bank you just need to know how to dress well.
As fashion is so subjective it’s easy to make cheap, and cheerful garments look expensive, and at the same time, if the styling and makeup are off it’s even easier to make a designer dress look bargain basement. Unlike the likes of say, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and even Adele we ‘normal folk’ don’t have the luxury of spending thousands, upon thousands of dollars on clothes.

When it comes to style half the battle is knowing what suits you, both fabric, cut and color and whether a particular outfit is wearing you, or if you’re wearing it. Celebrity and personal stylists aren’t paid to make the clothes look good unless it’s for a sponsored event, which means that many clients often end up appearing slightly ridiculous. However, all that doesn’t matter because you’ve not got the cash to hire an assistant, so you need to know how to dress, but more crucially believe that it’s possible to look amazing on an average monthly wage.

Shopping Hurts Your Wallet

Well, yes, this is very true if you spend every weekend shopping in high-end stores like Nordstrom’s and Macy’s without giving a second glance to the mid-range shops but in reality, lots of us spend more money on things other than clothes. This then means that we’re forced, due to a date, work event or simply because our jeans are all, unintentionally ripped, so we have to buy numerous items all at once. Spending $250 per shopping trip on dresses, tops, shoes and pants is definitely expensive, yet people feel constant pressure to look ‘right’ even when struggling to stay in the black. So they end up looking at debt consolidation personal loans just to make ends meet but what if you only spent $50 each time?

Don’t wait until the last minute to hit the rails, look at what might need replacing or updating in advance and plan any major splurges around sale season where you can get up to 70% off. Shopping regularly will also help you budget for clothes and if you can’t afford designer brands that’s perfectly fine. Most high street or department stores have a ‘ready to wear’ or diffusion line that’s slightly cheaper, or you could kit yourself out for less than $20 from a vintage, or thrift store!

Do The Clothes Math

It’s probably a question your mom’s been asking you since you were a child but how many clothes do you need? By switching up outfits, adding different accessories and building your wardrobe around layers, you can get around thirty-six new outfits from ten pieces of clothing simply by being creative, versatile and innovative. Let’s face it, you can only wear one item of clothing at a time, so it’s best to pick pieces that’ll mix and match well with other stuff. For instance, denim jeans, a white baby tee, and a leather jacket are all staple pieces, but there’s so much you can do to make them stand out. Why not wear the jacket with a summer dress and ankle boots? Pair the white t-shirt with a black, or gray skirt or wear it with a pinafore or dungarees. Jeans can be worn with heels, boots, flats or wedges and look great with both casual cold shoulder tops and silky halters.

Cheap Clothes Can’t Look Good

Of course, they can! You’ll even find that rockers like Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne and Pink made a point of wearing vintage, or second-hand gear because it looked so cool. You believe that expensive clothes will look better, otherwise why would stores sell them ? But the truth is often designer outfits are made for slim, athletic models who would look good in a trash bag not real life women with gorgeous curves! Look for supporting pieces, clothes that make your statement items look good such as cheaper tops, skirts, and cardigans. A $15  black velvet skater dress can easily look $500 just by adding the right tights, heels, jewelry,
and gorgeous makeup so don’t feel like you need to max out your credit card just to look good!

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