Seeing The World Doesn't Have To Be Expensive...

I’m sure you’ll agree that travel is one of those things that’s indisputably worth the money. You get to explore new cultures that you’re isolated from in your home town, and have unique experiences that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. The main downside to traveling, however, is how expensive it can be. From booking flights to dining while you’re out there, here are some great tips for making traveling cheaper.

Book for the Cheapest Times
The price of plane tickets can vary massively depending on the season, date and even the time of day when you travel. The web is full of handy tools like Skyscanner which allow you to compare the price of flights across a whole month, showing you the cheapest days to fly, and potentially saving you a small fortune. Simply avoiding weekend flights can be enough to knock a huge amount off the price of flying. Provided you’re planning well enough in advance, you’ll have no issue getting the time off for a trip that runs from Wednesday to Wednesday rather than Saturday to Saturday. Provided you don’t need your trip to coincide with some big festival or event, getting the timing right can be a great way to shave down the cost of traveling.
Take Advantage of Programs
There are various programs and schemes out there which will allow you to visit certain countries for considerably less, or even for free in some cases! House-sitting for someone in a country you want to visit, house-swapping, and volunteering for some overseas charity project can all allow you to see the world for a greatly reduced price. There are even some government programs that will allow you to waive the cost of a visa or some other documentation. You can find details of a popular example on the official ESTA website. For trips lasting a long time, you may even want to consider a stint in some job that allows you to travel. Cruise ships are full of opportunities, and while the work can be backbreaking it will allow you to see the world and earn as you do it. Other popular possibilities include teaching skiing or some other activity, or English as a foreign language. There are countless money-saving programs out there, so start taking advantage of them!
Dodge the Baggage Fees
Excess baggage charges can be extortionate, but simple moves can help you dodge a lot of the financial burden. There are a range of products on the market specifically for letting you take additional things on your person, ensuring they won’t rack up any excess charges. A luggage jacket, when combined with a spacious hand-luggage bag, will allow you to get the maximum possible amount of stuff on a plane, without having to cover any hefty check-in costs. Of course, a part of this is going to be tied up in the airline you use, which links back into my first point.
If you want to see more of the world but feel it’s too expensive, I hope this post has been a big help!

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