Smiling Is Contagious: Don't Keep Yours Hidden Away

Are you one of those people who dreads group photos or tries to hide every time a friend suggests taking a selfie? There’s no doubt that the rise of the selfie and the popularity of social media have made us more critical and self-aware than ever, especially when it comes to our smiles. If you’re not happy with your teeth, you don’t have to resign yourself to a life of smiling behind closed lips. We all feel better when we smile, and smiling is contagious. If you long for a more attractive smile, there are some simple solutions out there.

Cleaning and maintenance
Before you start researching cosmetic dentistry, have a think about your oral hygiene regime, and ask yourself if you’re doing enough to protect your teeth and give your smile that healthy glow? Do you spend enough time brushing or are you guilty of whizzing a brush around your mouth as quickly as possible before falling into bed? Dentists recommend spending at least 2 minutes cleaning the teeth night and day. During this time, you should cover every individual tooth and angle your brush head so that you can clean along the gum line. If you prefer to use natural products and you’re keen on commercial brushes or toothpaste brands, check out sites like Avoid vigorous cleaning, as this can damage your enamel, and if you struggle to do a thorough job, set a timer or brush along to a song. As well as twice-daily cleaning, you’ll also need to check-in with your dentist every 6-12 months. Even if you don’t have any dental troubles, it’s wise to keep up to date with checkups.

Cosmetic dental treatments
It’s rare to be blessed with a Hollywood-style smile, and many of the dazzling sets of pearly whites you see in glossy magazines have been created by cosmetic innovations. There are so many treatment options out there, and it really is possible to transform even the most unsightly set of teeth into a radiant smile. Whether you’re conscious of your stained, crooked or missing teeth, a dentist can help. Using treatments like tooth whitening, veneers, discreet braces, and dental implants, dentists can achieve incredible results. If you’re considering cosmetic dentistry, arrange an appointment with your dentist, and go through your options. For more information about modern therapies, you may find this page useful You don’t always have to spend a fortune or hours in the chair to get the results you want. You may be surprised at just what is possible in this day and age.

Smiling is a natural human function. When you smile, it can lift your spirits, and when somebody smiles it you, it can cheer you up no end. If you’re unhappy with your smile, you may be keeping your pearly whites hidden away, but there is an alternative. Step up your oral hygiene routine, and consider finding out more about cosmetic solutions. A beautiful smile doesn’t have to be a dream.

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