The Passion Of Fashion: How To Share Your Voice

The fashion industry has been dipping its toe into the political world since the dawn of time.  Whether it’s styling it out through the punk years or strutting down the aisle in a slogan tee, fashion isn’t afraid to stand up against the crowd and shout it’s opinions to the world.  So, how can you be sure the world knows you are here and use fashion to promote your passions?

Designer Henry Holland has been helping the fashionista to make bold statements for the last 10 years.  Well known for his signature graphic tee shirts, House of Holland translated the message across to eyewear to make a bold statement to the world.  Check out these ‘Eye For An Eye’ sunglasses and have your say whilst looking effortlessly cool.  You don’t have to go with an qoute to make yourself stand out.  If you want to be noticed, you could take your outfit to the next level by finding an oversized round pair of specs.  Everyone will be aware of your message.  You will demand attention, and you will get it.

The late, great George Michael is famous for his Choose Life Tshirt.  Designed by Katharine Hamnett, George wore the oversized Tshirt in the ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” video, but it also can be seen on Roger Taylor from Queen, in the “Hammer To Fall” video.  Hamnett was inspired by a Buddhist exhibit and went on to produce a selection of slogan tee’s some of which were worn by Naomi Campbell, including the famous ‘Peace’ and ‘Wear A Condom.’  Each of her pieces were inspired by political movements and she was eventually given a CBE for her work.  To get this unique style, work out what it is you want to say to the world and then head out to a custom t-shirt printing company.  You’ll deliver a very clear message in a matter of moments.

Another way to make your mark is through your footwear.  Companies like Converse have been building on their bespoke range for years.  It is now possible to design your own take on one of their awesome trainers and then have your say on the side of your shoe.  You’ll be making an impact with every step you take, although it is also a delicately subtle way of doing it.

You don’t have to use words to promote your views though. Strong imagery can get your message across just as well.  Such as a handbag with the twin towers on them or a mobile phone case with a photo of Martin Luther King.  Using subtle signals to make it clear that you stand by a political cause or are passionate about a philosopher is a less pushy way of stating your position.  Colour is another subtle nod too.  Wearing the colour of your sports team can show your support even when you are sitting in your office.

Get bold.  Don’t think fashion is just about looking good, because as history has shown us, the right outfit, on the right person, can have a bigger impact on society than any speech a politician can make to the world.  

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