What's In Your Overnight Bag?


No matter how old you are, there is nothing more fun than staying the night at one of your friend’s. You might be planning on enjoying a night out and would rather stay with her than get a taxi back to yours on your own. Or perhaps your bestie lives fairly far away, and you are going to visit for the weekend. Whatever your reason for staying over, you will need to pack an overnight bag! This should have everything you need to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. Don’t forget all of your usual morning products! Here are the products and items you will most likely need to pack.


You shouldn’t pack too many things in your overnight bag - you won’t want your friend thinking that you want to stay the entire week by bringing bags and bags of things! So, don’t bring any unnecessary items such as night cream. You can always use your daytime moisturizer in the evening instead.


Is it that time of the month? Don’t rely on your friend having some tampons or sanitary pads that you can borrow. She might only buy hers when she needs them, which might not be right now! And if you turn up empty handed, you might be put in a tricky situation. For this reason, it’s a good idea to always have some spare tampons with you, even if you aren’t expecting your period.

Makeup Remover

There are different types of makeup remover. For instance, you could get some cleansing toner from ranges like Innisfree cosmetic products. Or, you could buy some makeup-removing wipes. Whichever you prefer, remember to pack it into your overnight bag. Often, just washing your face isn’t enough to get rid of every trace of makeup on your skin. You need to make sure that you remove every last bit. Otherwise, your pores could get clogged up.

Evening Medication

Sometimes we can be prescribed medication that has to be taken at a specific time of day. Perhaps you have some tablets that you need to take after each meal. If you know that you will be at your friend’s house when you are due to take some medication, be sure to pack it and take it with you. Missing a tablet isn’t the worst scenario in the word but, in some cases, not taking a tablet can cause certain health conditions to reappear.

Emergency Medication

Do you need an asthma inhaler or an EpiPen? Even though you might not have had to use yours for a few years, it is still important that you take it with you. They are only small and won’t take up too much space in your bag, so there is no excuse to leave yours at home! If you don’t and end up having an asthma attack or allergic reaction, you could be putting your health at risk. So, before you leave your home double check that you have any emergency medication.

Oh -  and don’t forget your PJs!

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