5 Reasons That Decking Is The Perfect Addition To Your Garden This Summer

Does your garden need a little something extra, but you can’t put your finger on what exactly it is? Have you got everything you need, but you feel like something is missing? Maybe it’s something as intangible as better zoning.

Building zones into your garden help you to break up space into more usable areas. Plant beds, climbing plants, trees, and pergolas are perfect for breaking up space, making it feel more like a garden and less like a meadow. Adding a raised deck area is also the perfect way to do this. It makes an area more versatile, adds depth and dimension, and can look amazing too. Here are just a few reasons that decking is the perfect addition to your garden for summer 2017.

  1. It adds a new room to your home
Making a section of your garden more useful, versatile, and accessible is on a par with adding a room to your home in the summer months. It makes barbecues, garden parties, and relaxing in the (rare) sunshine so much easier and more comfortable. Open up a set of French windows onto a raised decking area, and you’re blurring the line between outside and inside beautifully.

2. It brings dimension to your garden
Gardens which have different features on staggered levels are far more pleasing to the eye than completely flat gardens. In an area where the sky literally is the limit, a flat garden can feel open and vulnerable, whereas different levels can draw it in together and make a more cohesive design.

3. It’s easy to install
Depending on the complexity of the decking you desire, it can often be installed by someone with a good eye for DIY. The quality timber, such as from George Hill Timber, is the most important factor - poor quality decking wood won’t last as long, and will be harder to install. If you’re worried, get a professional in to do it - don’t risk making a mess of your garden for no reason.

4. It’s perfect for entertaining
When you’ve got your dream decking, it’s time to invite the pals over for a garden party. Without good a good quality hard-floored area such as a deck or patio, there is no obvious place for people to congregate. Picnics on turf are all well and good, but they can get quite uncomfortable. A deck, with suitably beautiful furniture, is a far superior place for hanging out and entertaining guests. When they’re well constructed, they’re even perfect for holding a hot tub, if that’s your cup of tea.

5. It looks amazing decorated
There are just so many different ways to bring colour and beauty to decking. Potted plants are obviously a must. Large pots containing tall plants such as bamboo are perfect for adding dimension, but also for softening harsh edges. Fairy lights and festoon lighting add a subtle glow perfect for after-dark parties and are an absolute must.

If you decide to do one serious piece of garden work this year, add a deck - you’ll certainly never regret it.

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