Go Outside The Box With Your Summer Wedding

The dawning of the summer season hails the wedding crowd in a big way. There’s a huge draw for brides wanting warm sunshine and cool breezes while they swap vows with the person they love the most. Summer weddings are the most popular of all the seasons, as the weather – although not guaranteed to be hot – is most likely to be dry. This type of beautiful weather is going to encourage people to spill outside for their celebrations and that’s exactly what most brides want.

There are so many choices for where to hold your wedding that it can make you feel overwhelmed. Not only do you want to please yourself for what you want for your big day, you want to make sure the venue is suitable for all the guests you want to attend. You can choose to hop on a plane and get married on a white sandy beach, with palm trees and ocean waves as your backdrop. You could choose to have a smaller, more intimate affair at a registry office, or you could choose somewhere like www.adlingtonhall.com/weddings for your reception. There’s something so magical – and kind on the budget – about getting married in a huge country hall with all the trimmings! The best thing about choosing a luxury hall or country manor? The chance to move the wedding outside.
Getting married in the great outdoors always comes with a little bit of risk and it’s not just because the heavens could open and drench the guests. Outdoor weddings come with midges, bugs and stinging nettles if you’re not smart about where you hold your reception. Pulling off an outdoor wedding takes a lot of work and lots of organisation but, as the bride, that shouldn’t be a problem for you! With our tips, you should be ready to take your vows in a beautiful setting, with all the bases covered.

  • Be prepared. A lot can happen when you hold a wedding under the open sky. The weather forecast may talk about bright sunshine, but those flash showers happen and no one can predict them. Devising a strategy for your guests should the rains sweep in isn’t just smart, it’s a must. A marquee can be erected for your guests to have the reception in so they are protected from the wind as well as any showers, and you can add quirky ideas like this umbrella stand filled with cheap umbrellas – just in case!
  • Keep cash aside for extras. A wedding in the open air isn’t a cheap option, just because there’s no roof over your head! You need to think about the site fees for your wedding, as there’s going to be someone who owns the land. If you use the grounds of a country manor or hall as part of a reception package, there are savings you’ll be making but keep money aside for any unexpected rain expenses and taxes.
  • Power up. Outdoors equals no outlets. No lights, no heat, no sound and no temperature control. If the site you plan to marry on doesn’t have electricity, then it’s down to you to provide generators and get that pumping. You’ll need lights for the reception – especially one that’s held after sunset – and even if you marry in the height of the summer, you’ll need heaters for those chillier evenings. The temperature can and will drop fairly fast and you need to be prepared for that.
  • Contingency planning. With all the best intentions in the world, you want your outdoor wedding to be fairy-like and magical. The trouble with that is it can go wrong. Plan the wedding of your dreams but plan a back-up. Speak to the owners of the country manor you’re marrying at and work out a plan for horrid weather so that you can move the whole reception indoors if a hurricane arrives. Hey, it may not happen, but at least you will be ready if it does!
  • Drying out. You can have a back-up plan for a whole wedding that gets rained on, but a short shower or sprinkle won’t be enough to move a reception indoors. Get some cheap wellies set up and have a stack of towels ready – just in case.
An outdoor wedding can be an absolutely beautiful occasion, but if you aren’t prepared for the weather to change you need to rethink your dreams. Dream up a wedding full of honeysuckle and lazy bumblebees meandering by, but check out the options that are available to you should things go pear-shaped. You’ll be thankful you did!

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