Smart Ways to Make Savings

Stressing out about money is no picnic, but if you’re regularly spending more of it than you have, you’re in debt, or you just don’t have any squirreled away for a rainy day, sooner or later you’re going to be in trouble. Luckily, taking control of your finances and saving money is easier than it sounds and should be your first step on the road to getting your house in order.
Here are some smart ways to make savings to get you started:

Use a Budget-Tracking App

Set a budget which ensures that you are able to cover all of your current bills, service your debts and have something left over each month, and then use a budget tracking app like BUDGT to ensure you stick to it.

Pay Expensive Debts First

If you’re currently struggling with debts, take some time to work out which ones are charging you’re the most interest and a put all your efforts into paying them off first. That way, you won’t pay as much interest over the years, and your finances won’t be quite so difficult to handle.

Pay with Cash

Wherever possible, pay for your purchase with cash rather than a credit card. It is all too easy to overspend when you aren’t handing over actual cash, which is why so many of us end up with unexpectedly huge credit card bills at the end of the month!

Investigate the Sharing Economy

Sharing economy websites might be fairly new, but they’re really gaining traction right now. This isn’t surprising because they’re a great way for you to gain access to the things you need, from tools to accommodation, without having to pay over the odds. You can get the stuff you need when you need it without having to invest in buying it outright, and that’s just smart.

Use Coupons

No longer are coupons for little old ladies who need to make their retirement fund stretch as far as possible – everyone is using them. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of coupons sites out there, so whatever you’re looking to buy, chances are you can find some great deals and save money by searching for a coupon before you make a purchase. It might also be worth using a price comparison site before you buy, too.

Break the Addiction

If you’re serious about saving money, now might be the time to give up that addiction to cola/cigarettes/coffee. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself now and again, but if you’re addicted to something, you crave it and you end up spending a lot of money on something that isn’t essential and might even be detrimental to your health.

Stream It

Online streaming can save you money on everything from the cost of movies and music to gym memberships. Instead of going out to the movie theater or buying a gym membership or getting a new album every week, check out the streaming options first and the savings will piling up.

As you can see, there are lots of smart ways of saving money, that can really improve your finances and most of them won’t result in too much hardship. Start saving today and you’ll secure your future.

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