The Donkey And The Carrot: How To Get What's In Front Of You

It can often feel as though the right job comes along at the right time. You see that job advertisement, just when you’re ready for a change in career. What are the chances? In a way, this thinking does you a disservice. You could argue that you found the job because you took the plunge and looked for it. But, believing in job destiny often gives us the boost we need to apply. But, even if a job has appeared especially for you, it’s not going to hang around.
The job Gods can be cruel. They dangle that perfect job in front of you, and make you run after it. Think of yourself as the donkey trying to get the carrot. You need to use a little initiative to get the feast you so desire.
The most important thing in those early stages is to apply as soon as possible. You’ll want to take time over your application, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, don’t hold back on starting because the job doesn’t close for six weeks. Employers review applications as they come in. They’ll build their interview lists over those weeks. Make sure to secure your place there before someone beats you to it! Plus, not applying until the last minute is sure to leave a bad impression. Applying well before the deadline with give a better impression of the type of employee you would be.

Before you can apply, of course, you need to perfect your CV. This is the first point of contact you’ll have with your potential employers. Make it as good as you can. It’s well worth turning to a professional CV writing company. Click here for more details about how to make this option work for you. You may think you know what’s best for your CV, but these people do it for a living. Chances are that you can’t write it as well as they can. And, the best part is that once you’ve got a professional CV behind you, you can use it again and again.

It’s not as easy to perfect your interview. You can’t pay someone else to do this part for you. That’s why it’s important to read up on interview tips that can help you perfect your game. First impressions count, so make sure to wear the right thing. Get a feel for the company to gain some idea of what image would work best. Your interview could go well, but it won’t help if they don’t like the look of you. It’s also worth using the knowledge you gain of the company to practice your answers. Like with anything, practice makes perfect. Think through many different scenarios, and have an answer for them all.

Lastly, bear in mind that the job Gods don’t only have one job for everyone. If things don’t work out this time, move on to the next. The experience your application and interview give you is invaluable. Use it to move forward!

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