The top 4 popular styles in hip-hop culture in 2017

Hip Hop has been around for a long time. It started in the early 70s when an underground movement began to develop in New York. After that Hip Hop has come a long way. It has become an urban culture. Having their own way of life, culture, and artistic self-expression, Hip Hop has expanded a great deal from Emceeing to dancing, singing, and even fashion statements, the trends are influencing many people around the world. A diverse mixture of races from the African-americans and the latinos have created a new genre of music and lifestyle which is now recognized around the globe. Each hip-hop artist has their own eccentric style to distinguish themselves from the others. Their styles make them different but also connected in one domain which is hip-hop.

In 2017 popular styles in hip-hop culture have become very diverse. From baggy pants to saggy ones, loose and baggy jackets to tank tops, wall clocks turned into necklaces, shiny diamond studded pendants, and even custom made dental grills, hip-hop has truly ascended into a global phenomenon in today’s society. Here are new and everlasting popular styles in the Hip-hop culture in 2017.

1.    Hairstyle

Each hip hop artist has their own unique hairstyle. Their appearance is as important as their music. Most hip-hop artists fashionable style their hair from the long dreadlocks and cornrows to the skinhead and fade hairstyles. They carry their hair as their trademark and us it for recognition.

2.    Bling

Bling is the street name of hip hop Jewelry. It has been a symbol of success to many hip-hop artists. From necklaces to rings and watches studded with fancy stones it has become an important accessory for many artists to show off their wealth and prestige. Usually, the bigger and fancier your bling, the more successful you are. It is like a trophy or badge that many hip-hop artists wear with pride. That is why many artists invest in them. This style will never be taken out in the hip-hop culture.

3.    Grill

Grill also known as fronts or golds is a different kind of bling. It is different because it is worn in the mouth and with a single smile you can captivate everyone. Grills have become a popular trend in today’s hip-hop culture. Many artists have already embraced this kind of style. From male artists such as Nelly and Lil Wayne to the female artists like Nicki Minaj and Beyonce, they have all worn grillz. Surely, with these artists and hip-hop aficionados alike will be saying, “Where are the gold grillz near me?”

4.    Head Gear

Almost all artists like to wear head gear and when they do they always select the most insane head gear they can find. Some wear the simple snapbacks or a beanie while others go for the extreme, like top hats for the purpose of recognition and unique identity. Head gear has forever been a part of the hip-hop fashion style and culture. Many artists keep stacks of caps and beanies in their closet for their day to day activities and even wear them at important gigs. The headgear will always stay in the hip-hop culture. Old school to new school, it will always be there.

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