Think Twice Before Buying A Home With These Issues

Buying a home is always going to be a massive financial commitment. You will be spending upwards of a hundred thousand on your first home, and it’s probably money that you don’t have. Or, if you’re buying your second or third home it could be closer to five hundred thousand. That’s a lot of cash, so you certainly want to be careful with a decision like this. As such, there are a few issues with homes on the market that you need to watch out for. While they shouldn’t automatically put a halt to your planned purchase, you need to make sure you know how to deal with them.

Look Up
One of the most expensive areas to prepare for any home is the roof. You need to make sure that any home that you buy has a quality roof, particularly if it has been replaced or renovated. An inspection should show any issues with a roof, but you should pay particular attention to flat roofs. While not a deal breaker, flat roofs can be a problem if they don’t have the right drainage. The water builds up on top making issues with damp and leaks a more common problem.

You should also enquire as to what the roof is made out of. Some materials are more durable and will last longer compared to others.

If you’re worried about the roof, think about asking the seller to drop the price a little so you can use the money you save to pay for any needed repairs.

That’s Bugging
It is possible that you end up buying a home with termites. Typically speaking there are very few houses in America that don’t have at least a few termites in the walls or somewhere on the property. Even new builds get them after a couple of years although it does depend on maintenance.

Again, signs of termite damage might not be a reason to pull out of buying a property. Usually, you can get an agreement with the seller so that they pay for any repairs that are needed before you move in. Then you can use a professional service such as, to get rid of the little beasts. What you need to watch out for is any sign that they have already caused serious structural damage to the property. This is far rarer than most people realize.

Nasty Weather
Finally, you do need to think about flooding. You can check the maps on FEMA to see if the home you’re looking at is built in a flood danger zone. You’ll find the info you need at  If it is, make sure you speak to local homeowners nearby the property and find out if they have had a problem with flooding.

They might also tell you about the type of solutions that they use, and this will give you peace of mind. It will ensure that you don’t buy a house where insurance for flood damage is going to be an absolute fortune.

Estate agents should be honest about the dangers of flooding, but you should still complete your own research.

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