Tips on Being an Eco Warrior in your Neighbourhood

It’s a wonderful thing that people all over the world are becoming more and more eco-friendly. The temperatures are getting warmer, and storms are getting angrier, and we are all starting to realize that it’s up to us to protect our planet. We may just feel like little people, but saving the world begins at home, and if you’re planning on any home renovations or thinking about a greener lifestyle change, these small tips will help you on your way.

Look out for natural cleaning products

One of the smartest, and easiest, ways to improve your eco-friendliness at home is to buy cleaning products which aren’t full of chemicals. When these chemicals get washed down the drain, you are simply just putting them back into the water supply and the earth. The great news is that, on the whole, you don’t really need to use these nasty chemicals! Next time you go to the supermarket, spend a little longer looking at your options - companies such as Ecover make products to clean every part of your home, meaning you’ll never need to use that bleach again.

Go Solar

Installing solar panels may seem like an expensive and big investment at first, but they are both economical and good for the world, so win-win! You will save money by generating your own power, reduce your use of fossil fuels and there are even some government funded schemes to help you pay for them, depending on where you live. It’s not just electricity that solar panels can help you with, but you can get solar hot water too, so your showers, baths and washing up can all be powered by the sun too!

Create your own compost

If you are throwing away your kitchen scraps and leftover food, you are missing a seriously good trick! By composting these items and letting them rot down, you are creating nutrient-rich fertilizer which will do wonders for your home-grown veggies! Which leads us onto our next point…

Grow your own

Growing your own fruit and veg may not always be easy if you haven’t got a huge garden, but there are some goodies which you can grow in pots on windowsills or up the side of your house. Check out this article to see what you can grow at home without a garden. Most towns and cities also have allotments allocated for people to grow whatever they like - there may be a waiting list, but contact your local government to see what the options are! By doing this, you will reduce the money you spend on groceries as well as the fuel you would use to get there, all while getting your hands dirty and letting the good things grow.


One of the smartest ways to improve your eco-warrior status is to insulate your home. This will ensure that you are using as little energy as possible, and ergo saving money and not using up all of our precious fuel. Good insulation will help your home keep in the heat, as well as keep it cool when needed, and can be done in the walls or ceilings of your house.

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