Why So Blue? Pull A Bestie Out Of Their Mood

If you have a best friend who is feeling down in the dumps, you might think that it is your job to bring them back and why shouldn’t it be? After all, for some of us best friends are more like family. We want them to be happy, loving life and if we see that they’ve fallen on hard times, it’s our job to bring them back to life. There are lots of ways to cheer up a friend who has been feeling blue. Here are a few possibilities that you might want to consider.

Gone To The Dogs
It’s not just a phrase meaning that everything's gone to hell, it’s also a great piece of advice on how to elevate someone's mood. Have you ever wondered why dogs are called man's’ best friend? It might just be because when you pet dogs, it actually releases endorphins in the brain. Perhaps it’s seeing their little wagging tails, or maybe it’s those big slobbery kisses, but this is completely true. A dog can actually make you happier, so you have two choices here. You can either help your friend find a far furrier friend, or you can take them puppy petting. Take a trip to go see puppies for sale and watch as their mood elevates when all the little fluffy tail waggers run around them. Although, obviously this isn’t recommended for someone who doesn’t like dogs.

We’re Going To Dance It Out
If you’re not a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, you might not have heard of this idea. On The show, whenever things went bad, Meredith, Christina, and others would turn up the music and dance until they felt better. This covered everything from a family death to trouble at work to a bad date. You might think this is just television being helplessly romantic but singing and dancing is a great way to elevate someone’s mood. So either blast your radio with your friend, or head to the nearest karaoke bar.

Try A Little Tenderness?
Of course, it’s possible that the reason your friend is miserable is because they’re just lonely. Maybe they haven’t been on a date in a while, or perhaps they are recently single. Either way, it might be time to get them back on that horse. And it doesn’t matter what age your friend is either because there are mature dating options. So, if you want to help them find a real connection rather than a toy boy, you can. If you do this, your friend might appreciate if you dated with them. Be their wingman or wing girl in the club and don’t let them go it alone.

Sweat Till You Feel Better
Finally, you might want to try hitting the gym with your buddy. This will work a treat if your friend is feeling stressed and filled with anxiety. Exercise is a fantastic way to leave the stress behind and work it off. When you workout, your mood is elevated, and it can even stimulate the mind. So, if they are dealing with any problems in life, they just might find the solution with you in a gym.

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