A Beginner's Guide To Organic Edible Gardening

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If you’ve already mastered the art of growing various plants and flowers, now could be the perfect time to take a leap of faith and try something new - edible gardening. Believe it or not, there has never been a more interesting time to become an edible gardener - aka a produce grower, this is because organic has become such a big thing in the health industry. Eating organic produce is all well and good, the only downside is that it can be incredibly expensive, which is why it makes sense to grow your own fruits and vegetables if you have the time and garden space to do so.

The thing that puts a lot of people off of growing their own produce is that they don’t know where to start, but this shouldn’t be turn off because edible gardening is much easier to get the hang of than you would think. So don’t let the fact that you’ve never grown anything yourself before, apart from some cress in cotton wool on the windowsill, put you off. Getting the hang of edible gardening is actually much simpler than you would think. Here’s what you need to know:

Pick the perfect spot for your veggies

Let’s start with vegetables. For vegetables to grow well, you need to select the perfect spot. Ideally, you want to select the sunniest spot in the garden, as sun helps vegetables to grow big and strong, it also adds sweetness to them as well. Most vegetables can be grown in full sun, from tomatoes to carrots, but salad and berries tend to prefer partial shade - for this netting can come in handy.

Take the soil into account

Once you’ve picked a spot, you then need to think about the soil. For healthy produce, you need nutrient-rich soil. If your soil is too dry, too thin, or very rocky, you won't have such a successful yield. In this instance, it’s best to build a raised allotment using wooden planters and compost that’s rich in nutrients. If you are unsure about how to tell if your soil is healthy enough to use, there are kits that you can order off of the internet to test your soil.

A greenhouse is crucial

For some produce, a greenhouse is a crucial piece of kit. So if you are serious about growing your own fruits and vegetables, you need to invest in a greenhouse. For all the best deals on greenhouses, site like https://www.swgreenhouses.co.uk/greenhouses-for-sale.html can be worth a visit, as you can find some fantastic prices. For growing produce like tomatoes, chilies, strawberries, herbs, and grapes, a greenhouse is a crucial tool. Often, the weather can be too cold for certain produce to grow outside, which is where a greenhouse comes in handy, especially if you plan on growing produce in the colder winter months.

Buy ready grown fruit shrubs and trees

For the fruit side of your produce, it’s a good idea to buy ready grown fruit shrubs and trees. This is because these can take a few years to get established and may not start producing fruit for a long time, which is why if you want to start eating organic produce right away, your best bet is to buy trees and shrubs that are already producing fruit. As that way, you are guaranteed a yield this year. Just make sure to pick trees and shrubs that have been grown organically. Otherwise, your produce won’t be organic.

There you have it, everything that you need to know about edible gardening.  

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