Boredom? It Isn't Always Bad!

Home sweet home. We love spending time in our homes. However, when the budget runs dry, or when the weather turns awful, sometimes our homes can be a bit of a trap. Say if you suffer an accident - or break your leg. You're stuck indoors, on the sofa or in bed for most of the day and that isn't fun. You want to do something, and you likely want to do it outdoors. Being stuck inside because of factors outside of your control can be seriously frustrating. Even worse, it can be super duper boring. Boredom isn't good - or is it?

We can go to some superb lengths to cure boredom. On a rainy day, we can spend hours trying to find the best bingo site to play on for a bit. We can pick up an instrument and play a few awfully tuned strings before getting frustrated. We might walk around aimlessly, scream into a pillow, stare out the window, read a book - put it down - read it again - put it down. Boredom can be a painful cycle sometimes, and it can seem like a massive trap. This happens when you try to do too much at once with your spare time.    

Boredom? It isn't bad because it can mean two things. Firstly, boredom can mean opportunity. Boredom means we can find things to do! See - we can go stir crazy when we don't have a plan and try to do everything, ever - if we can figure out one thing to do, we can make the most of our time. We can learn new things, cultivate hobbies (or even plants!). Boredom is an opportunity to do something - anything. Whether we are at home and can pick up something to do, or we are at an airport terminal, there is always a way in which we can make a better use of our time. Boredom? It can be an open door to doing things and taking your life down new pathways. Sometimes it can, at least. Boredom can also mean peace. When we are bored - are we not in some kind of peace? Boredom is an opportunity for us to actually do things, but it also presents a quiet time for us to be mindful and appreciate the good things in life. Mindfulness is a great way to take a step back and relax, and it can be most active during those 'boring' times. Our lives can be a hectic mess sometimes, so an opportunity to settle down and take life in can be found during those boring times. If boredom is anything, is it not peace?

So the next time the rain is splattering down and you find yourself offering a forlorn glance through your windows, try to think of something to do that can add value to your life - or simply try to appreciate the fact that you have nothing to do at all. Boredom is a chance to take it all in and improve your life - not to waste!

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