Getting Ready For a Garden Get-Together

As summer continues to draw ever-nearer, people are finally starting to spend more time outdoors and enjoying the rapidly-improving weather. And there is no place better to enjoy the summer months than in your own back garden. However much space you have, it is a great idea to have some of your friends and family over to enjoy your outdoor space with you. So, if you are planning to have a garden party over the coming months, here is a bit of advice to get you started.

Set Up the Main Area

All gardens need to have a main area where the guests will gather. If you have an area that has a patio or some decking, this is an obvious starting point. If not, you should try to choose a place that gets the sunshine for the longest possible time and provides some shelter from the wind if it starts to pick up. Next, you need to set up your chairs and tables in a social way. There are plenty of options out there such as Bridgman if you are looking for new items. Another option is to lay out some blankets and pillows on the grass if you are looking to have a picnic-style party.

Think About Lighting and Heating

When you are hosting a garden party, it is likely that you will want it to continue long after the sun has gone down. This is when you need to turn on the lights and get the heat on if the temperature starts to drop. There are plenty of different lighting options out there, and you want everything to be nicely illuminated without making your guests feel like they are under a spotlight. As for heating, big strides have been made in the last few years when it comes to outdoor heaters so make sure to take a look at all your options.

Plan the Food and Drinks

The most obvious choice for an outdoor get-together is to have a good, old-fashioned barbecue. This is a great option as it is a social way of cooking without taking you away from your guests for a long period of time. Set up the grill before your guests arrive and make sure you have enough fuel beforehand. You may also want to have some side dishes such as salads, fruit or a cheese platter. As for drinks, you will want to make sure that you have a range of options and plenty of ice on hand.

Organise the Entertainment

First of all, you will probably want to make a playlist and set up your sound system to keep the tunes going. Think about some games that your guests could play during the party. Some options include a badminton net, a croquet set, boules or simply some horseshoes. This entertainment will help the party run smoothly and keep everyone happy. Remember to have a backup plan if the weather isn’t that kind to you. Investing in a gazebo may be the ideal option.   


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