Plus Size Lingerie Buying Tips

We all like to look as good as possible, which is why most of us spend quite a lot of money on clothes. Often, we spend hours searching for the right items to make sure our outfits look perfect.
However, despite this, most of us are nowhere as careful when it comes to buying our underwear. We all have a tendency to forget that the right lingerie makes a huge difference to our overall look.
There really is no point in taking hours to find a pair of trousers and a jacket that flatters your curves if you then wear the wrong underwear with them. Even the most expensive clothes will look awful if you are wearing a bra that does not provide the right amount of lift. Or worse, briefs that are too small. They will cut into your body and produce ugly bulges, which will spoil the line of your trousers.

Buy from the right places
When it comes to plus size clothes it is particularly important to buy from the right type of retailer. An awful lot of lingerie manufacturers make the mistake of just scaling up their designs to cover the entire size spectrum.
Unfortunately, this approach produces clothing that looks great on skinny women, but awful on those of us with a curvier figure. When someone puts on weight it does not go on evenly across the entire body. Therefore, clothes that have not been made with the plus size figure in mind end up being far too tight in some areas, but too loose in others. You really do need to shop with retailers who offer clothes that have been specifically designed for plus size women in mind.
This UK based site sells fantastic plus size lingerie. They actually do specialise in selling clothing that is designed for women with curvy figures, which means that the clothes they sell fit properly.
Measure yourself before you shop
Unless you buy lingerie every month you really should re-measure yourself before going shopping for new underwear. Over time, everyone´s body shape changes, and it happens faster than you think.
For example, if you have been going to the gym for a month or so, you could easily have dropped an inch from your waist. Your measurements will also change if you gain, or lose, weight. Therefore, the size which fitted you perfectly just a couple of months ago may be too big or small for you now.
This great post shows you how to measure yourself properly for lingerie. It is written with buying plus size bras and briefs, in mind, which is why the advice you will find it is so good.
Try everything on
Once your lingerie arrives to try it on with the outfit you are planning to wear it with. This gives you the chance to look at yourself in the mirror from different angles to check for issues. Remember to do the bra up properly and adjust the straps when you try your new underwear on.
If you want to look and feel, your best it really is worth investing in some good quality lingerie. Doing so may cost a little more, but the fact that it is well-made means it will last longer. Therefore, in the end, you will get good value for money.

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