Reduce Energy Consumption, Stop Waste and Save Money!


Do you waste heat? Do you leave lights switched on or the TV on ‘stand-by?

With the cost of energy increasing and the supply of energy through non-renewable resources becoming more vulnerable with each passing day, it makes sense to not only use energy more efficiently but to take serious steps to not waste energy.
As a whole, we waste 54% of the energy we generate in the UK but we are not the worst country for doing so. But this is no excuse to examine our own consumption or to not to waste this valuable resource.

How to save energy (and money!)
By using less energy, your energy bills will decrease, welcome news for every household in the UK.
Even better news is that it takes very little effort to start saving energy today! Some of the things you can do are small, inexpensive changes that will make a difference. For example, if every household in the UK swapped to energy efficient lightbulbs in every lamp or ceiling light, the savings would be substantial.
Other changes are an investment in your property, such as increasing insulation in lofts or investing in cavity wall insulation.
How we heat our homes is often a drain on finances as well as being inefficient. Underfloor heating is a long-term investment that can if operated in the most efficient way possible, save you a considerable amount on your heating bills every year.
And, with a super-smart thermostat that allows you, even more, control over temperatures in different rooms throughout your home, you can even more money.

No Compromise
On one hand, we need to save energy and we need to save money.
But on the other, you don’t want to live in a home that is cold. There are many vulnerable groups in society who need to have a warm home to stave off illness and to be comfortable. However, these are often the groups of people who cannot afford the expense of traditional heating systems, powered by energy from expensive, non-renewable energy.
Underfloor heating could hold the key here too, through the provision of lower temperatures but run throughout the day and night – and yet, you will still save money on your heating bills.

Invest and Save
Invest in small and bigger changes in your home and start to save energy and money. Not sure how? Follow these hints and tips from Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies.


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