3 Interesting And Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

As soon as you get engaged, there are loads of things to think about and start planning. One of those is your bachelorette party. That final night as a non-married woman where you and your friends do something fun together.
Typically, you’d go out and get drunk in a club, but that’s not for everyone! So, here are three interesting ideas for your bachelorette party. Give them a read to see what’s up:

 A Spa Weekend
Make to mistake about it, planning a wedding is very stressful. It’s absolutely amazing, but it does take its toll as there is a lot to do and so much to pay for. So, going on a spa weekend with the girls is a great bachelorette party idea. It gives you a chance to just unwind and enjoy so many luxury spa treatments over the course of two days. Perfect preparation for a wedding and a much-needed break from all the planning. Plus, it’s just a great opportunity to have a bit of fun with the girls and gossip about whatever you like. Everyone will be well up for it, I’m not sure there’s anyone on earth that would pass up a spa weekend!
Party In A Limo
If you feel like having a real party atmosphere on your hen night, you should consider having a party in a limo. All you have to do is hire a large limo or party bus, and you can enjoy a night full of music, laughter, and a lot of champagne too. They great thing about this idea is that you essentially get your own mini nightclub all to yourself. So, you have the fun atmosphere with all the music and lights, but without the annoying drunk people that always seem to flock towards a bachelorette party. Plus, a party bus/limo is just a really fun and unique idea, it makes you feel like you’re some sort of celeb. There’s an air of mystery about a limo too, everyone can see it driving around, but no one knows who’s inside or what’s going down.

Camping With The Girls
Why do what everyone else is doing when you can be different? While most bachelorette parties involve going out to the club or bar and getting a bit crazy, this idea brings something else to the table. A camping trip gives you a chance to get away from it all with the girls, and enjoy the natural beauty of nature. It’s an interesting idea as you’re not likely to have many opportunities to do something like this when you get married. You’ll have a husband to commit to, and will be thinking about starting a family at some point. Camping helps you all just spend some time away from society and have a good catch up. It can be an incredible bonding experience, and you can always bring along drinks if you want! Certainly something alternative to consider if you’re not the partying type.

 Want to do something different from the typical party in a club/bar? Think about any of these three ideas as they’re amazingly fun for everyone involved.

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