5 Money Saving Tips


One of my New Year’s resolutions was to try and save money this year. Considering that I love shopping very much, that was quite a bold resolution from my part, but I am happy to say that I’ve made it! Don’t think that I saved a fortune, but for a girl that did not save money her entire life, I’m quite happy with myself. How did I manage to do that? Well, I’ve put together a list of 5 tips for you, who knows, maybe you get inspired and they will actually come in handy. Enjoy!

1. Calculate your expenses – The first thing that you need to know before you start saving up is how much you spend in a month. I’m a little old style because I keep a monthly notebook with all my expenses because it’s easier for me to see how much I spend every month and how much is left over after all the necessary expenses are paid for shopping. Don’t get depressed if you don’t have too much money left after you pay all your bills. You can start saving small amounts and in time, it will add up and you might even be surprised of how much you have saved.

2. Do I need it? – I have to say, friends, that this question helped me a lot! I was addicted to shopping and I was buying things not because I needed them, but because I saw them on Instagram, or they were just too pretty to let them in the store. This year, I changed my tactics and every time that I want to buy something I ask myself, do I really need it? As you might guess, most of the times the answer is no, so I stop. It was very hard at the beginning, it still is sometimes, but when it gets hard I think of the bigger picture and at all the nice things I can do with the money, so it gets better.

3. Sale & Offer – you BFF’s – You don’t have to give up shopping for good, God I couldn’t, but luckily for us, shopping maniacs, we have the sale period and of course, we can find some of our favourite products on offer! Great, right? Of course, even in the sales period, you have to be careful and don’t go overboard, but the fact that the things that you want are already 50% off makes it a lot easier.

4. Be prepared for the unexpected – This, my friends, is a very important matter and to my shame, I did not take this matter so seriously until now. Long story short, my husband and I purchased a car last year  October and one month ago the car broke down so bad that we could not do anything to get it fixed anymore. Who would have known that that would happen? Thanks to my savings, we were able to buy another car and I can’t even describe you how happy that makes me. What would have happened if I wouldn’t have had money put aside? Well, luckily there are companies that offer quick loans. That way you can solve your problem for the moment and pay up when you get your salary.

5. Save, save, save! – I said it before, I’ll say it again because that’s the key. Little by little adds up and that’s awesome! For example, if your job is close by, you can walk there instead of taking the car, or you can take the bus. That way you can save some money. You can take lunch from home instead of having lunch out and the examples can continue. Remember, even the smallest amount counts!

I know that I am not a financial expert, but I followed the tips above and they helped me, so I really hope you will be inspired by them and maybe save up some money. Good luck!

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