Congratulations, You’re Engaged! Now Put The Wedding Wheels In Motion With This Crucial Choice

When you get engaged, you really do feel like you’re on cloud nine. What could be better than being asked to marry the love of your life? Marrying them, of course! So now that you’ve made the commitment, it’s pretty time to get moving with the plans. But, before you jump in head first, there is one choice that you need to make first. It can often determine the date you get married, the savings you need to start making and, even the other bookings you need to make. And, of course, that crucial choice is the venue! So, what style of venue will be the one for you?


If you love the idea of having a super pretty, rustic wedding, why not think about getting married in an old barn? Now, you have options for this style of wedding. First, you could think about using a barn that someone you know has. Second, you could consider hiring a wedding venue that it set in a barn. Either way, dressed up to the nines with pretty flowers, it could be the perfect place to get married in.


Or maybe you’ve always wanted to get married abroad? When you want to get married at sunset, with your feet in the sand, a beach wedding could be ideal for you. Maybe you’d like to head to Italy, or see the coast of Spain? Either way, if you want a beach wedding, you’re not only going to want to consider countries but the exact location too. You can often find some great deals on flights and accommodation for weddings too, which will also make the subsequent planning a lot easier.

Grand Hotel

Perhaps you want to stay closer to home, but you still want a super impressive venue? Well, there are so many incredible, grand, and charming hotel venues across the country, so it’s definitely going to be possible. If you want to pull out all of the stops, by not have a meeting with the wedding planners at your local 5* hotel? You’ll often find that they’ll take care of the tiny details, making your day easier.

Classic Chateau

Sometimes, the idea of something grand is exactly what you want, but you want to take that to the next levels and go with a venue fit for a princess? So, why not think about a classic chateau? Whether you want to have an intimate wedding or invite everyone you know, a French chateau wedding can really be charming, wow your guests, and allow you to get married in the venue of your dreams. Your photos will often look incredible too, thanks to traditional chateau grounds.

Out In The Open

Or, finally, maybe something sweet and simple if the one for you? If you love the idea of getting married out in the open, a summer marquee could be exactly what you want. Not only are they stunning to look at, but they can also often give you the low maintenance wedding option that you’ve been looking for all along.

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