Declutter Your Home and Make Money for the Summer

Finally, the summer is nearly here. As well as hoping for some sunshine, summer is often full of weddings, barbeques and local festivals or events. All these various events cost money, so having some extra cash is ideal.

We know that there are some great ways to make extra money online, but there are also a tonne of ways to make money from items around your house. Getting cash for gold, recycling your old mobile phone and selling old clothes are just a few excellent ways to earn some extra cash with very little hassle.

As well as finding items to sell, spending a day decluttering your home has plenty of other advantages, too. Decluttering is said to have many psychological benefits, such as helping you to be more productive and even sleep better. Make some money, tidy your home and clear your mind all in one go? Sounds like a pretty good use of your time!

Put on the radio, set your phone to silent and go through your house room by room to find what can be sold. If you have any of the following items lying around, don’t throw them away; these are the ones that can make you some serious cash.

Old Mobile Phones

I’m sure that somewhere in all of our homes, we have an old mobile phone (or two!), as we constantly upgrade and switch to new deals. It’s one of those things you may have been meaning to recycle or get rid of for a while. Well, now is the time to do it. If your phone is a fairly recent model and in a reasonable condition, you can expect to get quite a bit of money from it. You can even compare websites to find out where you can get the best deal.

Cash for Gold and Jewellery

Now that you can sell gold and jewellery online, getting cash for gold has never been easier. There are many reasons to sell your jewellery, but the ability to make money quickly and easily is a big draw. Thanks to online sites, you can get cash for gold within 24 hours of being offered a price. Always look for sites which offer free insurance for sending your valuables and can offer a price match guarantee, ensuring safety and value for money.

Clothes You No Longer Wear

Let’s be honest here: we all have clothes we haven’t worn in years. “But it’s so pretty!” or “I’m waiting for the right occasion” are probably things we’ve said when trying (and, ultimately, failing) to declutter a wardrobe. Much like getting cash for gold, getting cash for clothes has never been easier either. There are a variety of websites you can sell unwanted clothes on; have you tried Facebook?

Gift Cards

Gift cards are ideal for giving to somebody who you have no idea what to buy for. Yet, so many people don’t use the gift cards they receive. If you’re one of these people, you may not realise that you can actually sell your gift card online. Third party websites will buy your gift card from you (at a lesser rate than it’s worth) and then sell it for a discounted price. It’s not quite as quick as getting cash for gold, as some payments can take up to two weeks to be received. However, if you find some unwanted gift cards, you can definitely make some extra money from them.

Computer Games, DVDs and CDs

Stores such as CeX have become hugely popular as places to buy computer games, DVDs and much more at a discounted price. Why are they cheap? Because people donate their old DVDs and games and get some cash. With the rise of Netflix, there is no doubt that we all have some unwanted DVDs or CDs at home. There are also numerous online websites, such as MusicMagpie, which will also give you money for unwanted CDs and DVDs. Make some quick and easy cash by clearing out that shelf of old movies and games you never use anymore. Combine this with all the other tips above and you’ll have a small fortune to enjoy after a much-needed declutter!

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